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That Queasy Feeling

Updated on October 22, 2011

Ladies in the midst of our desires

And Euphoria

After the feeling is gone and you are all alone

Reality Exists

That nagging feeling that it was all for naught

Gratification Released

Alone and understanding the price was too high

Failed Again

In the end was the temporary contact and release

Alright Peace

The price was too high…..way too high

Deleting You

It was fun while it lasted – you blasting

No More

Pieces of me bonded to your scent and smell

I Can’t

Let you mesmerize me with your talents and spells

Once again

I put my vivacious soul and spirit on hold to preserve righteousness

Too Cheap

Is your value of me and enough times you have robbed me

I’m Cool

Looked in the mirror finding my self respect



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