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That Woman Is Wrong? Do You Recognise Her?

Updated on January 22, 2012

Have You Seen Her?

On Why Women Are Wrong !

When you held her crying and felt your spirits sinking

she comforted you by putting her arms around you thinking

You need her today like some day her son would

she felt so protective like the shadow of a mother

and you felt so secure, you felt so good

That woman is wrong ..oh so wrong !

when she is sleeping you are all that she is dreaming, looking like a sweet child

as the curtain of her lashes rest on her eyes, your dreams illuminate her and she glows

The beauty of roses, the innocense of doves

That woman is wrong, yes so wrong!

you look in her eyes and she hold your gaze

she has lost her heart to you in this dreamy haze

you teach her to be an enchantress, you teach her passion

She means nothing to herself when it comes to you, the honey of her lips,the core of her being

She sacrifices her precious possession

she gives you the happiness which makes u puff with pride

bang ! your love goes crashing, man you no longer feel the same.. your love has died

oh that woman is wrong, did you forget that woman is wrong!

when a woman says i do, and you say it too

she means it truly when she says ''i love you''

she sees her babies in your smile

with a throbbing heart she breathes life into her womb
and bears your child

she drenches in sweat goes through excruciating pain

she doesnt care going through this hell

she just wants to see the proud look of a father, when you hold the baby in your arms
tears of joy in her eyes dwell

she yearns for your baby know why?

because she wants to know how you looked as a baby

when you played , when you laughed, when you cried

that woman is wrong, men carry on and say that woman is wrong!

you played with her and tossed her aside
everything in her died

wounds killing her where you touched

like a desert she turns to dust

she screams, she falls , she crawls

because she doesnt have the strength now to run into your arms

she whispers your name with trembling lips a thousand times crying

her heart beat is fading she is almost dying

that woman is wrong ..isnt she wrong?

there comes another man who says i am the light

at the end of this eerie scary darkness

the heart of this woman sees hope , relief from the pain

she says take my broken heart and make it whole again

he picks her up and carries her slowly

says i will be your lover if you are lonely

i will keep you amused ..flower

then like a bee i will taste you sweetness

and leave you like your lover

i am a man , you have to understand to heal hearts is not in my power

she still wants to find a heart which could be her home

watch out woman! yet another monster of lust swallows you whole

that woman is wrong , oh so wrong , always wrong!

not so long ago she was a dear baby girl

with big doe eyes adored like a pearl

a seductress, a temptress,an enchantress, a sinner

because you failed to see, she is the image of your mother, your sister, your frend, your lover

one day when you have your own baby girl

remember 'she' has come to remind you

of the precious pearl, a little girl

not so long ago

you knew its a big bad world still you let her go

for even you drank her blood, tasted her flesh and ripped her heart

 but still she holds on to the lie that you love her a little

she doesnt want to face the truth thats why she will never come back

oh that woman is wrong , so very wrong !

if my man wouldnt have left my hand

broken lost and lonely i would'nt stand

I would'nt have written this song

I am a woman so I am wrong

must be wrong, oh ! so very wrong !


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