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That Mysterious Lady

Updated on December 14, 2016

That mysterious lady

Those pretty pink nails. . .was all I could see.

My curious heart asked my lips. . .who is she?

Engrossed she was in a novel full of mystery.

Oh! She was reading my favorite Agatha Christie!

Surreptitiously I tried to see her face,

But I stopped myself. . .if I am caught in case!

A nice yellow top, was all that she wore.

I was curious to know her. . .I tried to find more!

Just then the train with a huge jerk stopped!

Her book slipped from her hands. . .on seeing her my jaw dropped!

With her sparkling eyes she looked & spoke with love so true. . .

Oh! My heart beat stopped for a second .I look around and try to see her again.

But no, the train started running and there is no sign of her..


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