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5 Indisputable Rules of Getting a Woman to Fall For You

Updated on May 21, 2014
Intimate couple
Intimate couple

· Be the man she dreams about

· Say the words she wants to hear

· Be the touch she longs for

· Be the shoulder she cries on

Want to know what to say, how to say it with sparkling brilliance and seductive humor? Well, nothing is further from truth. You need these 5 IndisputableRules. Open the speech gently like breeze softly embracing her body and soul. Then make her warm up inside and relaxed for your delivery. Then shower her romantic taste bud with a sweetened, teasing remarks and offer to be of service to her. This hub will show you how to make a strong opening, an informative and entertaining middle and a strongly conclusive ending. AND GET A YES, from your big fish.

Find Your Inner Eagle

The most distinguishable characteristics of eagles are that eagles are HIGH FLYERS and are BOLD and COURAGEOUS.The feminine nature of women allows them to be soft and natural receivers. Women, either she be the next women President of US or a German Chancellor, a corporate executive, may naturally want a security at the end of a hard day at work. She may long for a courageous, yet giving man to hold her and make her forget about all the global issues she is faced with. A woman who denies this fact is in denial of her deeply held emotion that adds more pressure and tension to her life.

Your Inner Eagle

Your Inner Eagle
Your Inner Eagle

In everyman is an eagle that is ready to be set free. Do you know your eagle? Think of a time when something or someone made you so angry. What was your reaction? To fight back, right? How did you feel? Did the lid of your adrenaline blasted off and your emotion raged like fire? Did your whole body shook like earth trembling due to tectonic plates clash? Where that might, the inner and do came from? In you. That is show of courage.

The very thing that ignited that fire of negative emotion in you is the courage. The courage and boldness that you rarely use. Let me tell, if you channel this negative courage to positive channel, you have found you eagle. When you set it free, you are bound to charm any women.

Find Your Inner Mouse

Unlike the eagle, in you there is shy, tiny mouse. It is born with you and will stay with you until you die. Remember the last time you wanted to talk to your boss at workplace. Or the last time you wanted to confess something bad you did to your dad or mum. What happened? Something inside you told you “NO! Don’t!”. “You are not good”. “That’s wrong”…”She’s too good for you”...huh! That’s your inner mouse. It’s shy, looser, beaten, afraid tiny creature that lives in the most darkened part of you and keeps feeding you with garbage.

Your inner mouse, though small is lethal as lethal injection and is more powerful than any nuclear bomb. You know why? Because it kills BIG dreams that have the potential to totally change the world. If you don’t find the mouse, it will kill your dream of dating your dream girl. Find the mouse and lock it in the strongest cage in your unconscious mind.

Your Inner Mouse

Mouse in dark
Mouse in dark

Set Your Inner Eagle Free

Have you found the eagle in you? It is the good things or values in you that you are grateful about. The best way to kill your inner eagle is to be what you are not. Identify your good values. Your marketable strengths. Do you speak fluently? Are you a good listener? Do others like you when you dress smart? Do you mix bit of humor or metaphors to bring across your message? These are just few of the good traits a man may possess. 21st century women are sharp, smart and sensitive. They would fall for a man that isn’t only courageous, but also smart, confident and above all, loving. I am careful not to use the word handsome here because, any man can be deemed handsome of they find their eagle and set it free. There is an old saying that goes like; “there is always an ugly man for an ugly women and a handsome women for a beautiful women”…SO really for those that don’t find luck in relationships, it’s not their looks, it’s all about their attitude.

Set it Free

Set your inner eagle free
Set your inner eagle free

Lock the Inner Mouse Away in Cage

Have you found your inner mouse? The little nagging voice inside you that keeps reminding you, even without your permission, that you are not good enough. That you can’t date your dream girl…Now this is the time to shut the inner voice. Groom up. Dress up and look your best. You don’t necessarily have to spend million dollars to fill up your wardrobe. Use what you have it the best possible way. Use affirmations. Talk to yourself. You probably aren’t talking to yourself that’s why your inner mouse is talking to you and feeding you with garbage, most of which aren’t true. Tell yourself you’re smart, handsome, confidence every morning you wake up. Make it a routine and gradually the words will become you. Practicing gratitude is the best way to lock the Inner Mouse away.

Cage it

Cage Your Inner Mouse
Cage Your Inner Mouse

Rule # 1: Dont be a aggressive cave man

Earlier man frigtened his enemies by inflating his chest and spreading his arms to present a much wider profile. See image. You dont want to do that infront of her, dont you? You will freak the hell out of her and send her running for cover. Instead, an aligned, upright posture conveys a posture of confidence.

Rule # 2 Don't Threatened the Guest

She is your guest. The last thing you wante to do is to make her feel scared. As much as possible, say and do things that will make her feel secured. Watch your postures and the words you use. First impressions last and if you arent careful, you fail to geta second date.

Rule # 3: Don’t be a Defensive Cavewomen

Let's be straight here. Crossed arms are seen as defensive and negative. Earlier women use this gestue to imply self-defence. Modern man and women still use this gesture. Open arms and open palms are considered open and friendly. Hey! get closer to her, make her feel she is closer to you.

Rule # 4: Don’t Defend Yourself against the

The last thing you want to do is to let her know that you are a know-it-all type. This can really put your lady off. Hey! Swallow your pride. Let her win this time. After all, she still has lot more time to know more about you if you get to go out with her. Agree logically to things she says. Women are emotional beings so work on her emotion and you get her hooked soon.

Rule # 5: Don’t be A Hostile Caveman

Early man attacked his victim by holding a weapon above his heads and bringing it down with a great force. Modern man displays this by hands and fingers pointing upwards and finger-wagging sweep movements. This is seen as threatening. Instead display open palms with fingers downward are seen are nonthreatening and friendly.


I have prepared your mindset so that you can play the game right. Find your inner eagle, your inner mouse, set your inner eagle free and cage your inner mouse. If you found the hub useful, drop your comment below and give a vote and share with your friends.


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    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      Hey all,

      This is my newest hub. Check it out. Some of this common tips are sure to blow your mind off. Enjoy