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Understanding Immature People: The 5 I's of Immaturity

Updated on April 10, 2018
matthewjoe1 profile image

Matthew is a college student who is passionate about writing. He lives in Nigeria, West Africa.

They say maturity comes with age. But it's sad that many times, age just comes alone. You wouldn’t expect that you could have an immature 60-year-old but it’s very possible. In fact, they’re many of such folks on earth already.

There are some things that characterize immaturity; you would readily find these things in immature people. Apparently, immature people aren't necessarily those that haven't reached the age of puberty; they're just folks who lack character and sense. They are just almost always unconscionable.

Their attitudes towards you just would want to make you check to really be sure they're human; they're that irrational. A lot of times when immature people are at their game, many people get frustrated, others get disappointed because they probably weren't expecting immaturity from the folks they're dealing with. Most times, it’s because they don’t know the things that characterize immaturity in people.

But with a clear understanding of the features of an immature person, we can save ourselves the disappointment and frustration these immature folks just seem to easily hit us with.

5 Characteristics of Immature People

1. Irresponsible: It's amazing that they actually believe everyone is responsible for them, however, they're responsible for no one. It’s that self-centeredness that's overwhelmed them, thus causing them to be so selfish and irresponsible.

Marriages where one or the other of the spouses is irresponsible will suffer greatly. It's like having to carry a load that meant for two, but only one person is doing the job. If there's no give and take in any relationship, before long, the person doing all the work will get exhausted with too much load he/she's carrying.

Responsibility without choice is torment. But choice without responsibility is greed.

2. Irrational: How do you define stupidity or irrationality? I define it as self-centeredness. Because self-centeredness makes you blind, which then makes you stupid without even knowing it.

You see, at the core of immaturity is self-centeredness. It’s stupidity for a man to see a hot iron rod and yet want to step on it with his bare foot. You would almost want to wonder if he were blind. Well, that’s how irrational, immature people are many times, yet they don’t know it because all they can see is themselves. They’re blind to others.

Of course you might not see immature people go step their bare foot on a hurtful metal rod, but their actions are equally hurtful, but they don’t know their hurting others actually boomerangs towards them in the long run.

Research has revealed that 85 percent of man’s happiness comes from the fulfilment he get from his relationship with other people. Consequently, when an immature person, out of sheer self-centeredness, goes around hurting others, you can be sure he’s playing havoc with his fulfilment and happiness.

3. Insecure: An immature person is primarily insecure and feels inadequate in himself. So he goes around with this mindset that pulling people down is the way to go. He then does just that to get himself some little bit of excitement and smug feeling.

He’s the kind of folk that drains people to feel happy. That’s very irrational isn’t it? But here’s his bane: He’s attributed his sense of self-worth from how people perceive him, and when he gets the slightest indication that people aren’t treating him with so much worth, he gets cranky.

4. Irritable: It’s amazing how that many people measure their value based on how other people treat them. Everybody already has their own problems to face. So when you believe you’re worthless because someone who already doesn’t feel too good with himself treated you with disdain, you get mad at him and he gets mad at you—that just doesn’t make any sense.

Life is too short to focus all our minds on what people think about us. When you’re always expecting people to always regard you with great honor and esteem, you set yourself up to be offended and you become easily irritated.

And this actually goes on in a merry-go-round that’s never going to end—irritable people making others irritated.

Immature people get easily irritated because they’re too exacting and fastidious with people—they want people to treat them well all the time. And that’s just not going to work. If you care too much how other people treat you you become extremely irritable.

5. Immobile: An immature person is one who goes around criticizing other people, but will of himself do nothing to improve nothing. All he does is criticize without acting—he’s immobile.

You might challenge, argue with, or try to correct an immature person all you want, he’s just not going to do anything or make any change—he’s immobile. You can even do things ad nauseam like whipping him 1000 times, he’s still not going to change—he’s immobile (Prov. 17:10). However, he’ll never think twice about criticizing other people and telling them how that they need to change.


An immature person is really a handful. The only thing you can do when dealing with one is to ignore him. Mike Murdock says, “Greatness is in not reacting to small things.” Come to think of it, if someone is irrational, then he doesn’t have to attract your attention because you choose to be rational unlike him.

Ignoring an immature person will actually send a message to him that tells him about your self-esteem and self-value: Unlike him, you’re only moved by things that matter because you see yourself as valuable.

© 2018 Matthew Joseph


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      11 months ago

      I would also add "shortsighted" as a sign of immaturity.

      Immature people generally have a difficult time thinking beyond right "NOW". They live life moment to moment without having a strategy or concern about the future. They don't (plan) ahead.

      'While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions.' - Steven Covey

      Mature people always weigh the potential consequences of their actions before deciding to act. They see "the big picture".


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