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The After Marriage Effects

Updated on September 14, 2015

All you married ladies- yes you can relate with everything I write here

My article is for those beautiful ladies who HATE COOKING! yes hate cooking and isn't that the mandatory thing in almost every household?

It is early morning, you don't even want to get up as you've got those period cramps but the scary part is you have to get up and even cook food! My first day after wedding started like this. No, my in-laws are not conservative or orthodox but because my mother in law has done all that she wants me to be the same daughter-in-law. Well I understand every husband and famiy have some expectations but is that really cool to force something on someone when they just are not made for it-- well I am not made for cooking. I am a working lady and I can afford to hire a full time cook to help me with that.

But believe me a simple understanding between you and your husband can just take away all your sorrows and you can get over this ugly feeling of how you hate cooking and may even build some interest in that.

Talk to him about how you dislike cooking..No, he is not going to tell you to stop cooking ;) so please don't expect that. But you can just let him know. Ask him about his favorite foods and just try those ones. Indulge yourself in preparing uncooked food-- (mm..uncooked food? yes ..healthy uncooked food: green salads, sprout salads, fresh vegetable sandwiches, etc).

Read magazines and blogs for the recipe of food you like..yes being a little selfish ;) but that's interesting. You don't like cooking but you like food right so why not cook food that you like the most.. Don't worry about your husband or anyone else here. After all a person who cannot love himself/herself just cannot love anyone else-- so it is about self love here :).

Plan your weekend out. At least on Sundays please go out and give yourself the pleasure of "doing nothing" so next day you don not regret getting married ;).

That's all for now but definitely I'll write something good next time, as this is my first ever article. I just want your opinions ladies. Share your thoughts here- any melodrama created on your first day after weeding or your first cooking experience after marriage- Yes all you bad cooks we really need to have some fun here- share your thoughts- Until then- Chao!, Stay Beautiful..

© 2015 Weareallinsane


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