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The Age Of Lost Innocence

Updated on July 15, 2016

The Day i re-lost my virginity

I was recently drinking coffee in a cozy, Parisian bistro near Montmartre. I was always desperately passionate observing other people and trying to guess the next word,the next theme of discussion,the next gesture.As i was sitting there alone,i realized that women are women everywhere.There are no maps nor borders for this kind of mentalite. Why he did not reply to my text?Why do i always find assholes?What is wrong with me? May I? Well.. From time to time there is that special ingredient in our love life that is called ''CHOICE''.After all our beloved friend Forrest Gump, said that life is like a box of chocolates,if we apply this quote to a woman's love life we have=disaster.See.. everything is a matter of choice especially when it comes to love life.We chose to taste the vanilla and we are frustrated when it is proved to be empty or a weird taste.But that cannot stop us from trying tasting the other chocolate chips on the same box.Do you stop to buy t shirts because one single tshirt was ripped?No. Being single its like having a box full of chocolates and out of fear you find yourself unable to taste others out of fear of the last you didnt want to taste.Being single is like having again a strange virginity that leads you all over to the same mistakes in choosing the wrong guy. We are all searching for mister Darcy but shit happens and you get a limited version of an asshole.Sto crying like another Bridget Jones and embrace your single life not as it is given but as how you would like to transform her via your choices! Get up and stop hearing that song that reminds you of him or that movie that left you without ice cream,wear your best outfit and smile,grab a friend and go for a nice drink with a girlfriend that at least is willing to hold you while being drunk out of joy not tears.See you again!


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