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The Allure of Inspiration

Updated on February 14, 2012

The Allure of Inspiration

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Inspiration is the thoughtful hand of motivation, the will of action in a divine sense. Those that inspire have the capacity to reach the lost and futile refuse of thought once illuminated, and reignite the passion. What was tainted becomes enlivened with the clarity of will, and explored in a fresh and unique way.

We find inspiration because we need it, to keep us on the path of growth and development. People come into our lives for varied reasons but the exchanges that follow are both timely and fruitful in some way. I believe there are no coincidences simply the bringing together of necessary connections that if realised and accepted, can enrich our lives in profound ways.

Yesterday I met a soul who has inadvertently inspired me to rethink aspects of my life by manner of her experience and approach. We found common ground in attitudes and understanding and by that connection embarked on a relationship that I know will be rewarding. When we find people that have overcome adversity and shine regardless, we see the possibilities within ourselves. Life exudes from people like this because they are not hindered by fear and self-pity, rather, facing life’s challenges in a positive way and maintaining a compassionate and balanced stance.

We so often buckle under the weight of adversity, fall to the pettiness of blame and hateful feelings toward those who contend our will. But some people can disarm this process by preserving balance and finding compassion in their hearts for their adversary. They see both sides of circumstance which impacts on their actions in a kinder way. This ability and selflessness is something to be admired; indeed it is inspirational.

These people are not omniscient, but they do have a broader perspective than most, offering a far greater understanding and appreciation for a more amicable outcome. Their approach does create better outcomes because it is no burdened by the negativity that conflict can create. Their state of mind guides conclusions to more productive ends with less impact on every level. Like all of us they go through all the emotionality and pain, but refused to be changed because of it. Rather they go through the experience with awareness and vigilance, one eye on the outcome and one eye on all the participants. This balance is lost to most of us, being so easily misplaced within the emotions and self-impact of life’s challenges.

Inspirational people are not perfect but they do offer a shining example about our human capacity to forgive, be compassionate and selfless in the face of hardship. This woman I have met impressed me so much because of this radiance of life that exuded from her every cell. She approaches life with a strong and determined focus, knowing what she wants and what she must overcome to achieve her goals. Her love for children and those close to her evident in all she does, and although scarred from unfulfilled relationships like most of us, her heart is obvious and sound.

I look forward to getting to know this kindred soul.


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