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The Bachelorette Party

Updated on August 17, 2010

What is it!

 Of course we all generally know what a bachelorette party typically is. A night out before the wedding with the girls. But not all know the origin of the bachelorette party and how it originated in to American culture. In different countries around the world the bachelorette party is known in different ways and with different names. In countries like the UK, New Zealand, Australia and even Canada it's known as a hen party, hen do, hen night and even a stagette.

Of course we all know that the bachelorette party is originated from the bachelor party. Historically speaking though, the bachelor party is generally a dinner given by the bridegroom in honor of his wedding. Usually a gathering of close male friends and family.

The bachelorette party is an historical event given for the bride to be that goes back centuries. But the modern day bachelorette party was dubbed the "evening of debauchery" in the 1960's. Known then for it's sexual freedoms, intimate nights out with the girls of secret telling, drinking and the occasional enjoyment of strippers of the male variety. Now if the parties held in honor of the bride didn't involve these elements the term "bachelorette party" was avoided and often called a bridal shower or something else. But of course the term "bachelorette party" is used for all sorts of parties now that are held in honor of the bride to be.

The Organization of a bachelorette party

 Organizing a bachelorette party can be a bit tricky. Generally a bachelorette party is hosted by the wedding party (the maid of honor and bridesmaids). Though in some cases close friends of the brides to, can host the party in the brides honor. And the bride can participate in the planning, the bride usually isn't the host of these events. The participants are usually all women, and depending on the type of bachelorette party, close friends and family members.

It is common in most English speaking countries for the host of the party to pay for the entertainment of the guests, though these finances can be divided up between the wedding party.

It is not required for all of the bridal party to be part of the planning or even to attend such events. And some do decline the offer to attend.

Depending on the type of party that you would want for the bride to be, the socially acceptable thing would be to get her advice on the kind of party that she would want held in her honor. Though most "bachelorette parties" do revolve around the drinking and attendance of male strippers, you don't have to be held to the standards of society and host this type of event. Some bachelorette parties are held at a spa, a cooking class, or a nice intimate dinner with close friends. Generally advice is given to the bride from the older ladies of the families on the upcoming new life that she is about to embark on. Stories and other things are also shared at these gatherings. It is known commonly as a time for the bride to be to gather with close family and friends for a time of bonding.


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