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The Dating Bait Bucket: Setting The Drag

Updated on August 23, 2016
H Andelsmen profile image

H. Andelsmen realized her girlfriends were asking advice, often, because she herself has been through so much, so she decided to share.

Having introduced many ways to identify the type of fishermen you may be dealing with, it is time to start discussion of identifying the types of scenarios you may find yourself facing. A typical scenario may be that a man is a flurry of activity in the beginning and then suddenly drops out after a day or two. Or maybe its that you have been dating a while and there is a lull. No matter the precise details, a dry spell of communication, emotion, or physical connection happens to everyone and there is always a reason why. My advice to you is to not cause yourself migraines and grey hairs trying to find out the exact details. Do NOT ask that man fifty hundred thousand questions about it. Just know this, the fisherman sets the drag. I know, I know, and no I refer not to the To Wong Foo kind. What is this 'drag' you ask?

Now bear with me, this is a little technical but for your own good and peace of mind.

A drag system is a mechanical means of putting the brakes on it. It creates resistance, after hook up, to aid in reeling in a fish without breaking the line. Yes, there is a name for what happens, you are not crazy! They just like to make you feel like it. Ok, so to be fair, the majority of them don't even know what their doing or the obscene frenzy they put you in when circumstantial quandaries arise. But I work on your behalf, not theirs. Now...

To set the proper drag, one must determine fishing conditions, line break strength, size and type of fish to be caught. One must 'feel' it out. This is why it is up to the fisherman to set his own drag. He knows what he is after and what he is trying to achieve. For you my dear, is to wake up and realize when this happens, acknowledge it, accept it, and IGNORE it. After all, fishing lines are rated based on tests to determine line break strength. Why would you want to be THAT guinea pig??

Drag may not necessarily always be intentional. Friction can be caused by outside influences as well. The hook may get caught on a rock or wayward root along the bottom. A novice fisherman may get hung up in a low lying tree limb thusly hanging himself. His friends may be jealous of the time he is devoting to you. He may actually be busy at work. No matter the issue, don't fret over what it is. He IS gonna have an excuse and it doesn't matter whether you think it is bull hockey or not. Just go with it. If he's into you, its irrelevant and he will make good. Just stop trying to figure him out and focus on figuring out which part of the fishing excursion you are actually dealing with. He may reel that line in and recast. If he does, so be it. You choose the bait you bite for. Not him. If he is determined, he will change that bait until it works. It shouldn't be an easy fight. That's WHY he sets the drag. He wants that line taught enough to keep the fish from slipping off, but not so taught that it breaks. If he wants you, he will make sure the drag is set just right. Your job is to create just enough tension in that line to keep it interesting.

Yes, ladies it is difficult to ignore things most times. But you are just dating at this point. It is not your place to know every detail of that man's life. If he wants you to know, he will tell you. If he wants you in the boat with him, you will be. Don't sweat the small stuff and don't pull too hard because he will readjust that drag setting, then he will get a new reel and readjust that one too. He will make it so taught that the line breaks as soon as you pull in any direction no matter which way is right.

Don't let it drag you down, that's exactly what it is designed to do.

© 2014 HanDelsmen


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