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The Dating Bait Bucket: Techniques

Updated on August 23, 2016
H Andelsmen profile image

H. Andelsmen realized her girlfriends were asking advice, often, because she herself has been through so much, so she decided to share.

In previous articles, you were shown how to identify the type of fisherman and determine which type of territory you may find yourself in. This article will provide a brief introduction into the various techniques used by fishermen and how men who date may use them as well. When it comes to fishing, the technique is named after the action used while fishing, the presentation of the bait, or the actions performed by the lure.


Let's start with the most basic technique. THE SNARE requires minimal equipment, it can be performed with a simple line and hook and sometimes not even any bait. So long as the fish is within sight and one can eyeball it, he can snare or snag the fish by the lip and reel it right in. Now there are some pieces of equipment that may be used by those not very skilled or active enough to snare. Such items are snare traps or baskets which are made to allow the fish to swim in, but can not swim back out.

The fishermen who uses the snare is targeting his prey for a quick catch, he isn't spending time to cast bait or use fancy lures to make an eye-catching presentation. As a matter of fact, the less eye contact, the better. He sure doesn't want the fish to see the trap he has set, and if a trap is indeed used, there will be no wiggling off the hook my dear. That fish will not be set loose until the fisherman releases the trap. And that will be at his own leisure no doubt. THE SNARE can be used in any territory at any time.

Ladies, you will not see this one coming and it will hit you like a ton of bricks. Fast, methodical, and to the point. Various lines dropping in to see which one works. Commercial fishermen do not snare one fish at a time. They may dredge, which is a scooping method, but that is a more tender method that allows for the fish to stay in water and comfortable at all times. Sport fishermen may snare from time to time; however, the trophy fish he seeks is not going to be near the water's edge within easy reach and this he knows. If he snares it will be similar to an impulse buy at the check out line and not something he was originally shopping for and we all know those things never make it into the house, they usually just get tossed aside. Now the recreational fishermen knows how to snare, will not hesitate to use THE SNARE and is very good at it. And yes, he is in it for the fun of it and it is merely for his entertainment. He does not fish to eat, earn wages or accumulate trophies. He fishes simply to fish.

**Note: snare fishermen dip in as needed, have practiced it many times, and won't even put in enough effort to cast a line out into the territory. They will dangle the line close under a very honed and protective eye so as to not let the fish escape.


Ahhh, THE FLY. One whom fly fishes, is dedicated to his craft. He works for years to perfect it and considers it an art form. He will research territory and trek to the farthest corners of these vast and glorious lands. just. to. fish.

This fisherman knows he will cast and cast and cast with often not even a nibble. Using a complex repetitive whipping motion, he delivers and awesome presentation. He will use artificial flies, which he most likely took the time to tie himself, by hand. When he finds the fish he wants, he is going to try, try, and try again until he gets it right and the fish bites. He will gingerly endure a long and drawn out process to know that he is the master of the fishing universe.

In the dating world, unlike those utilizing a snare technique, he is not out for the kill. He wants his catch to choose him. His satisfaction is driven by knowing that he can caress, finesse, and hypnotize his catch. He will put you under his spell and you will want to be there. He is a courtship type fishermen dedicated to the cause. Commercial fishermen may use THE FLY technique dependent on desired catch. They may be in search of a rare and highly sought after species which requires this technique; although, this method will not bring in a large haul, it may still deliver lucrative catches. The recreational fisherman will fly fish if his buddies are doing it. The sport fishermen will most definitely fly fish if that is the best way to get the trophy fish he doesn't already have on the wall.

**Note: he IS going to put the work in, make sure YOU have the time and patience to watch the presentation.


This technique is most commonly used as a method of conservation. For whom? Well that's circumstantial. But just keep that in mind. THE CATCH AND RELEASE is purely how it sounds. Fishing to catch one, but not to keep. This guy is throwing them back...all of them. And yes, he fishes knowing that from the get go. He is not in search of a prize or even dinner. He fishes for the fun of it and to know that he still can.

The fisherman who chooses the catch and release method will fish in any territory. That territory will be designated by parameters, borders, and even posted signs laying out the rules. Although this fisherman knows full well what his limits are, there is no wall in the water that the fish bumps its wittle head on upon entering this territory. Fish can't read. The fish will never know that they are not for keeps. Although THE CATCH AND RELEASE is intended to conserve a species and all must be thrown back, fish who remain in this territory will indeed experience some bumps and scrapes throughout their tenure. Commercial fishermen will never catch and release, they fish to keep. Sport fishermen are after trophies, so ultimately they fish for keeps; however, they will use this method on occasion along the way. The recreational fishermen is the most likely to use THE CATCH AND RELEASE. You know, just for the hell of it.

This one is very charming, alluring, and charismatic. You WILL like this one. Of course right? Always wanting things you can't have. You will most likely think that you do have him and then, plop. Back into the water ye go. His pride lies in the triumph of knowing he is the King of HIS castle and he likes his little place on earth. Oh, he will say that he is. But if you don't ever get to see where he stores those rods and reels, then don't wait...JUMP back in the water, because rest assured you will, inevitably be back there. And no I'm not saying all of these fishermen are card carrying members of the Nuptial Association instead of the Nautical one, but chances are good that they are. To be fair, some fishermen just love to fish and they will always use THE CATCH AND RELEASE forever and always because they just can't give up fishing.

**Note: he is out to conquer, but not to keep just know that he's still got it. He will keep fish long enough to weigh and measure in order to properly note his catch, then throw it right back.

As in the world of fishing, any one of these techniques may be used at any time by any fisherman. Unless they purchase a permit agreeing to a specific location, style, and/or species, then fishermen have free reign to fish as they desire. One may bear witness to any combination in any territory and it is my hope that you do because as with anything else, practice makes perfect.

Just remember when you fish, take THE BAIT BUCKET with you.

© 2014 HanDelsmen


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