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Love Basics

Updated on October 9, 2014

A Great Love Song!

The Basics: Love

Love, it's a natural thing among us, we feel it in so many ways, we show it in more than 1 way. So how do you know your in love? Well, let's find out, and let's look at what love means in a relationship, life, friends, and in everyday setting's. Love is a wonderful thing and may find each and everyone of us one day, and if so I believe love can make this world a better place, love while you can because life is to short to spend it alone. Love cannot be described in many ways, it cannot be defined in many ways, love is what you make it out to be, this article is meant to help you better understand love. Love is comprised of many and vast feelings such as, compassion, affection, understanding, friendship, common bonds, and even sometimes pain.

Common examples of love in relationships:

  1. Showing affection.
  2. Saying words you've never said, or meaning then differently.
  3. Feelings you've felt, or have never felt before in a different way.
  4. Doing thing's that don't make sense, such as clingy-ness.
  5. Often feeling's of butterflies.
  6. Sexual attraction.
  7. Often overly thinking of someone.
  8. You visualize yourself being with that person.
  9. You do a lot for that person for reasons, or none at all.
  10. You feel really important and get told how much you mean to someone.
  11. You feel like you've never felt before.
  12. You feel as though you can't imagine anyone else to be with.
  13. Your thoughts run wild with that person.
  14. You have passionate, romantic conversations with that person.
  15. Something just connected.
  16. Common bonds, and hobbies.
  17. Expressions of feelings that you or your significant other feel towards one another.
  18. Undying, passionate, and uncontrollable sexual feelings for on another.
  19. Understand each other completely in any case.
  20. Knowing one another more than anyone.

Not all of this is exactly what a lot of people would do, but any where you go in life, love can be found, it could be right around the corner, miles away, or even virtually.

Love has no limitations, if you believe love has limitations and should be controlled well then that is normal and understandable. How ever, people tend to show love in a lot of different ways, some crazy, some weird, some even creepy, but, love does exist in everyone whether we know it or not.

You may ask, "How do I find love?", well a lot of the time, you don't need to really search for it, it pops up at random times in life, moments you think it would never.

"How do I know I am in love?", good question, but what you need to ask yourself is, "What would it be like 10 years from now with this person?", although you may never know this is one good way to find out, another way is to think positively, keep thing's positive, negativity in your mind set can effect the way you may think about love, stress is a big factor in down falls of relationships, but you must look into your heart, ask yourself, "Would I do anything for this person?", "Do you want to see that beautiful smile every morning?", ask yourself these questions as well as this list below, think about it long and hard, give yourself time, don't jump on it too fast, that may make your opposite lose attraction.

Ask these questions:

  • Do I get butterflies every time I talk to them?
  • Do I get this feeling of happiness just hearing their voice?
  • Do I get knots in my stomach when they say I love you?
  • Do I get a burst of happiness just seeing them smile?
  • Could I enjoy myself waking up to that smile every morning?
  • Could I enjoy spending as many moments with this person as possible?
  • Are they a really good person?
  • Do they make me a better person?
  • Do they give me everything I need and want?
  • Do they show me how much they like/love me all the time?
  • Do they talk to you more, and tell you more than they've told anyone?

Although these questions may not suite you as much as needed, they are a base start to figuring out, and determining whether or not your in love.

If you believe your in love, please continue on.

Love, Beyond more than just words.

Love is more than just words, more than just feeling's love is an unexplainable feeling you get, it's not a diagnosable sickness, it's an intended part of happiness and life.

If you have strong belief in "God", or "Gods", then this would help you way much more. It is often believed God is the one that created love, it works in such mysterious ways as he, having faith in such can give you guidance in finding it, if this article was of no help, let me at least help you through God. I am not a preacher, a man of God, I am simply a big hearted person that enjoys making people feel better, saying that, find God, he will lead you to love.

The Basics of Love is what you make it out to be, no one is the same person, everyone is different in one way or another and with that, this article may come off as silly, but please keep note this is the way I feel about it. Love exists every where, and it's determination to find it, it's the will and natural order of life to find it. A lot of people turn to dating websites, bar hopping, and local events to find this, which ever one helps you, and you feel comfortable with try it.

Happiness is consistent with love, if you feel happy all the time with another, constant undying happiness well I'm sure your in love, if you feel as though you don't fight as much with anyone else, well there you have it friend's love is at your door, and with saying that, trust is a huge factor in love as well, if you feel safe, trusted, and completely unharmed with that person, then there is your answer!

Wrapping this up, I want to tell all the lovers of the world, keep loving, life is short and we are not promised tomorrow, and if you haven't found love yet, keep trying, take this article to your heart, look back on it and ask these questions, don't ever give up, because when you least expect it, it will show.

God bless and take care my readers.

If this helped you understand love, or made you determine if you are, let me know!

Did this help you fall in love? Did it help you understand love?

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    • yoginijoy profile image

      yoginijoy 5 years ago from Mid-Atlantic, USA

      Love is also what we are made of, don't you agree? Very inspirational hub! Thank you! Peace.