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The Benefits of Marrying Your First Love

Updated on July 22, 2016

Our current culture has really changed. For years we were hard working, with hardly any free time to do frivolous things such as text, take selfies, or try the latest diet craze. Now it is the norm to see people hook up, have countless partners, and maybe not even settle down until late in life. Even those who fall in love early on will wait for years or get married and divorced several times.

Maybe I am a bit different than my peers. I always thought that love is something that can be worked on in most situations. Sure there are those that have abuse and other bad things in them, but outside of those, relationships are something that you can work on together, rather than apart.

I have only had one love, and we are married for almost five years now with two children we love to death. He is the only person I have ever been with and I didn't even meet him until I was 19!

During high school and the beginning of college, I never fell in line with the hookup culture. I never had a boyfriend, never slept with anyone, or did any of the other things that it seemed everyone was doing. I had nothing against guys; I had some who were friends, got along with most of the people in my 200 person class, and had a lot of fun in high school. Just never felt a deeper connection than friendship with anyone and didn't put in the time and effort to even try.

But there are so many benefits that can come from marrying your first love. I'm not saying that if you fall in love with someone you should stick with them forever. People do fall out of love, especially if you're only 13 when you get your first love.

On the other hand, there is something to say for being with your first love. Some people do meet in high school, end up married, and staying together for the rest of their lives. Society finds this weird, like they didn't take the time to explore other options and just got stuck with each other. I find this really romantic and believe they have a deeper connection than anyone knows.

So what are some of the benefits of being with your first love? Some of the benefits that I noticed because of being married to my first love include:

1. Deeper Connection

From the couples that I have met who married their first love, there seems to be a special connection not present in most relationships. They love each other for who they are. They have taken the time to really get to know each other, to have fun, and make their lives together before committing. They aren't under a time line or worried about comparisons. They just want to be together and that can form such a great connection.

2. Grow Up Together

Most of the time, when you are married to your first love, you met at a young age. This does not mean you are too immature to be together, it simply means that you are getting the chance to grow up together. You can share so many milestones together such as graduation, college, buying a house, moving, new jobs, children, and so much more when you meet at a young age. Sure, you should take it slow and not rush into things, but it can be a great experience just doing it with someone by your side.

3. Lots of Good Laughs and Memories

Wouldn't it be nice if all your good memories, all your laughter, all the good times could be with the same person? They can be when you stick with and marry your first love. Sure there will be fights and disagreements, but most things can be worked out if both partners agree and stick together!

4. Build a Life Together

Building a life together can be one of the most romantic, and fun, things to do. Starting out at an early age together, without a lot of history and other stories getting in the way, can make your life together even better. You two are the beginning, middle, and the end together without any crazy interruptions, and that can be magical.

5. Never Compare to Past Partners

With one partner, you have nothing to compare with. While this may seem like a bad thing according to popular media, it can actually be really fantastic. You won't have bad thoughts about the partner because your old partner used to do things in a certain way. You won't have to feel self-conscious about how past partners used to act compared to you.

With one partner, you two get to explore and do things on your own. You have nothing to compare to, so as long as you're both enjoying it, who cares if it's perfect or not? You may even experience fewer fights!

6. Understand and Accept Each Others Flaws

Everyone has some flaws. Maybe you snore at night or have a temper. When you have been with one person for a long time, you know you have found someone who recognizes these flaws and is just fine living with them. They don't mind your flaws, and maybe even find them cute and endearing. Isn't it nice to have someone there to be with you through the good and the bad?


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