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The Best Divorce Opinion you'll get!

Updated on December 24, 2010

A Marriage in Repair

A Marriage in repair.
A Marriage in repair. | Source

A divorce is already hurtful it doesn't have to hurt you financially.

Divorce as it is already drenching in every way possible emotionally and financially. It doesn't have to be that way. A divorce where you want to argue, fight and think that you're going to win by hurting or burring the other person is going to get you a better outcome, well you are far from the reality of it all. All you're going to accomplish is to waste your time, energy and money and hurt yourself and your children.

I am letting all of know that there is a way to make a nightmare of a divorce, a simple and easy process. There's what's called an (MSA) a Marital Settlement Agreement. In where all of the same issue that you would argue and fight over,are drafted in a simple divorce. The same documents used in a ugly battled divorce are the same at the end of the day as if you spend $25,000.00 dollars, but in reality you only spend $500.00 and less time and energy.

The MSA, is far less costly as if they were argued in front of a judge and can be settle just the same way. It is easily drafted, signed by both parties and file for approval by the Judge for final judgement of your divorce. Don't miss interpret that you only file an MSA and the divorce is over. One of the parties involve still has to establish and file the initial Divorce Petition, serve it on the other party and file all the required documents, and again all these documents are very easily done.

The attorney's of course don't want you know that this is the way that the case may end up anyway. And that no matter how much your argue or try to hurt the other person this is the very same way that it's going to end up. I mean unless you've got a billion dollars and your the owner of the L.A. Dodgers, then that's a big difference, otherwise this is the way to go about it.

Divorce is a multi-billion dollar business a year. The attorney's make an upwards of approximately $28 billion and according to Susan Peace Gadoua, of the Huffington Post (Here is her link: and is growing every year. This business to me is like this; if we feed it, it will keep growing. The most logical and sensible thing we can all do, is make every single and intelligent effort to stay married, it's not easy but it maybe the best one for all involve. It's also better for the economy if we want to put it in different perspective. And psychologically better for the family in where there's children involve.

We are here to help in anyway that you think, we can be of any assistance.


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