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The Bisley Boy

Updated on December 18, 2010

Believer in The Bisley Boy


A Boy or A Girl?

I previously wrote a hub with the theory that Queen Elizabeth 1st was a man. This is just a very brief follow up with a few links, as all the research has already been done.


I wrote it as I had vague memories from childhood of being told this story, yet in later years I had not been able to find any reference to it. Almost as soon as I had finished, I was contacted and told that I must have been thinking of the Bisley Boy.

On reading a number of articles about him, it is very likely that this is the case, and purely by coincidence there is a link to Bram Stoker who wrote what is probably my favourite book.

Stoker worked with Henry Irving, and fully believed the story based around Overcourt House in Bisley. Elizabeth was sent here to keep her away from the fever that was rife in London, but she died in Bisley at the age of about 10.

Understandably no one wanted to tell Henry VIII that his daughter had died in their care, so they looked for someone to take her place. The only candidate was a young boy the same colouring and build as Elizabeth and he was forced to take her place.

It was more than 300 years later that the body of a young girl was found - and with her the remains of fine Tudor material. The full story, with lots of opinions can be found by following the link below.


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