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The Blessings of a Good Wife

Updated on February 26, 2013

Lord Radha Krishna

The Better Half

Today I was in meditation on the way back home from Cardio Kick Boxing class, and I felt the best that I have ever felt before after class. My energy was high from a really intense session, partly because my kick boxing instructor is also my martial arts instructor and he knew I have not been as active, so he wanted to "make sure I was still alive". In other words he made the class so hard that people were complaining.

I was in bliss, my mind was clear, my body felt great, but it was the love for my wife that lives in my heart that brought me to the point of ecstasy. Knowing that I have a wonderful woman who makes sure that I do not have to struggle to find nourishment and she is there to comfort me is priceless.

I have been involved in intense physical activities for the past few years and I injured myself a while back. I am now fully recovered and getting back in the game. What I realized is that "my better half" takes so much of the weight off of my shoulder and serves as a great motivator, I just wanted to honor her by singing her praises to the world.

I hope all couples find their better half as their best companion and always appreciate them !

Best wishes

Dhira Krishna Das

A Good Woman Makes A Great Man

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    • Darrell Roberts profile image

      Darrell Roberts 4 years ago

      Thank you Ruchira, I hope you have the same good fortune in your life. Best wishes.

      Darrell (Dhira Krishna Das)

    • Ruchira profile image

      Ruchira 4 years ago from United States

      You are a lucky man, Darrel