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The Case Of The Ex ~ PT 1

Updated on July 28, 2009

The Start Of Something New.....

Victoria always knew that she had not gotten over her ex even though the breakup was an unfortunate one. She had always longed for them to reunite in some form of sexual bliss but had never had the nerve to call him. See Victoria's ex, Monte Dean, was a very well established business man that worked for a Law Firm in her hometown of Easton, Maryland and he had a problem with commitment but wanted her to himself. He often cheated during their 2 year relationship with other successful women at the firm where he worked and he liked to frequent strip clubs and massage parlor's weekly. Victoria often felt the wrath because she was just a down home type of woman who enjoyed reading, writing and just being with friends and family. She was very successful at her Real Estate career but always seemed lower than the other women he chose because he often threw them in her face during arguments. Victoria was a very conservative and sexy curvy woman. She was a 32 year old diva who always dressed for success and always kept her hair and nails up. She had her own two bedroom condo on the Eastern Shore, her own 2008 Range Rover and was childless.

Having been in school for most of her young adult years, she looked forward too a relationship and being with someone who had the same ambitions she dared to pursue. With her fit curvy figure and her long auburn hair to the middle of her back, she never had a problem attracting guys (or girls). She had lots of offers for dates and she always never had the time. On New Year's Eve 2006, she did decide to attend a party with her Real Estate Company "Exit Realty" at a nearby club just for fun and the festivities. There she met Monte through a co-worker who knew him from her husband who worked at the same law firm. He was handsome and 6 foot 4 with a sexy athletic build and very financially stable I must add. He grew up in New Jersey but moved to Eastern Shore after college to pursue a career at his uncle's Law Firm. He drove a two door jet black 2006 BMW and was a very well dressed and well mannered 32 year old man. Victoria at the time was only 29 years old so she was very mesmerized by his older more challenging ego. She was immediately drawn to him and they hit it off very well. They spent most of the evening talking, dancing and discussing their very successful careers. After the countdown to 2007 they said their goodbyes and of course exchanged business cards for a future date. Soon after they were seen at all the company parties together and at mutual friends houses and so forth. They seem to hit it off well but they still had not reached an agreement as to what type of relationship they had. One night Victoria made a romantic dinner at her house and asked Monte to come over. When he arrived he was very pleased at the delicious dinner she had prepared and how delicious she looked in her tight red dress that fit her well.

By the morning they were on a new path of their relationship by finally confirming that they were a couple. As time went on things went extremely well with Victoria being excepted into the family as if they were already talking marraige and more, but soon things would take a turn for the worst and Victoria would realize that maybe Monte' was too good to be true.

The Beginning Of The End

Soon Monte was showing up late for dates if he showed up at all and sure did not seem to call far as much as he did in the beginning. Victoria being the confident woman she was did not let the small stuff go to her head but sometimes when she would talk to their mutual friends, they would read into it a lot more than she wanted too. All Victoria could think about was her birthday that was coming up in two weeks on December 1st so she basically knew that of all days he would not disappoint her then. See in Victoria's eyes, Monte could do no wrong and she had not had a lot of experience with different men so she did not see the red flags her friends saw.

A week before her birthday, Victoris went out to get a outfit for her birthday celebration with Monte and friends and was shocked to see his BMW parked outside a popular massage polar that she had always wanted to try out. She called his phone but, he did not answer. She waited about five minutes and called back but still no answer. Soon she gave up and figured he was just into a well needed massage that he was getting so she proceeded to get into her car and leave. As she looked up while starting her truck, she spotted him coming out and called his phone again figuring that he should be able to answer. To her surprise he upsettingly looked at his phone and still did not answer. Victoria was in extreme shock because that had never happened before at least not to her knowledge so she proceeded to follow him as he pulled off. After about ten minutes he stopped and proceeded to park at a popular gentleman's club (strip club to be exact) in the more middle class section of Easton. To her surprise he got out and was very well known by the doorman as well as a woman who looked like one of the entertainer's coming to work that night. Victoria was very devastated that he would ignore her to attend this type of function.

As she rang the phone one last time, in disgust he finally answered the phone with a very stern voice. Victoria acted as if she had not known of his location and proceeded as if everything was normal. She kindly asked where he was but he declined to answer by saying " Do I have to tell you every move I make?'. This caught her off guard and immediately she began to get steaming mad with anger. He than replied "I am handling some business with a client, I will have to call you back". Before Victoria could respond, he abruptly hung up the phone. She was shocked and angry, but soon she had discovered what the friends she confided in were saying. He was changing and it was not good.

As Victoria arrived home already in tears, she exited her car and slammed the door so hard that she left a crack in the middle of the glass. She had been played !! She thought about all the times she had waited to go on dates and have a man in her life and how it did not do her any good in the end. Feeling embarassed, she did not want to confide in the same friends who had told her so, so she kept this particular incident to herself.

After about two days of nothing from Monte, Victoria became very discouraged and bitter. Her confidence had faded and she really was sheltering herself from the friends she had known for years. She decided to take a trip to that massage polar that she had seen Monte at for some R & R. When she got to the door the atmosphere was almost mostly for catering to men only. As she walked in, the receptionist insisted that they were closed even though the sign outside said they did not close for three more hours. Victoria just left anyway but on the way out a man approached and she soon discovered that they were not closed at all. She listened at the door and heard this man ask for sexual services for a steep price and she then knew another one of Monte's many secrets. He was paying these women for sexual favors, not getting a massage. She left in disbelief and drove home in tears. What am I doing wrong? Why is this happening to me? Why Monte'? She cried, but no one was there to answer these challenging questions.

She soon got up the nerve to just call the arrogant bastard and tell him what she really thought. He answered as if nothing happened the other day with his "Hey Baby, what's going on?". Victoria just let him have it and he was shocked at the tone she took as well as the secrets she knew even though he thought that he was so careful in hiding his freaked out second life. He was very apologetic but soon changed back into the asshole he had been the other night. He ended the conversation by saying "Well if you do not like it, I have plenty of women who will except me for me" and he hung up. She was hurt but she felt better knowing that he was exposed and she knew deep down he was embarassed.

Month's have gone by but Victoria has yet to trust anyone at this point. She still has the sexual desires to sleep with Monte because he was of course her greatest lover and she had planned to marry him some day if god thought it was the right move. It has got too the point where she does not feel the same after everything she found out but she still wants that feeling of love and passion in her life. She would rather be with someone she is comfortable with instead of a total stranger, but Victoria feels like Monte is a stranger because of all the secrets and lies he held from her. Finally she says, "forget it I need this" and she picks up the phone anyway. Monte answered with a surprised tone on the first ring much to Victoria's surprise. (TO BE CONTINUED)


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