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The Con's of " Going from Lover to Friend."

Updated on December 22, 2014

The Con's to going from Lover to Friend

In my sister hub I told you some tips, and advice from going to lover to friend. So know I want to tell you about the CON's of going from lover to friends.. Some things that you might want to watch out for cause more likely if they are giving you a weird vibe then they are doing one of these. Which then you need to "GET AWAY!!"

Majority of people want to keep you around for there Owen personal safety net. This includes giving you just enough of attention that you wont say No to them. While in the mean time they are Whoring around. Telling you "aww baby you know I love you, No I'm not seeing anyone else," Are they give you the lamest excuse to why they can't see you,when you want. Only when they have the time.

They may also think that they may have a chance to win you back. So they do everything possible to do this. Watch out because more likely they have not changed. Except that some might go about it the wrong. Trying to make you jealous will be one tact they might try. Don't fall for this it's a trick. Just plan mean too..If you get back together then all will be the same and you will miss out on the new experience that you are so longing for.

Number one reason. I think this is at least. They want to keep tabs on you. Why? They may not want you. In the same breath they don't want you to be with anyone else either. They just might be vain,selfish, and if they are controlling then I would say keep your guard up. A controlling person just might not let you go that easy.Some may not want to look like a fool. Because you met someone better then them. Some might go behind your back and talk shit on you just to sabotage your chance on meeting that better person. Only that person knows why unless they take it to far then the cops might know too.


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    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 8 years ago

      nice hub