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The Centerpiece of Wedding Table Decorations

Updated on July 16, 2012

When it comes to wedding table decorations, it’s the centerpiece that steals the show. They are arguably the most important pieces of decoration in any wedding reception. Establishing the perfect mood can be achieved with the perfect centerpiece. If you’re looking to be extravagant, awe-inspiring and just downright extraordinary; then be prepared to pay the price because a centerpieces falls in the category of very reasonable to ridiculously expensive based upon your preferences. It doesn’t matter if you plan on spending a lot or a little, some marvelous ideas for wedding table decorations can be found in guides for wonderful centerpieces for weddings ranging from cheap to expensive.

Now if you’re working with a relatively small budget it would be best to stay within your range, in the event something out of the ordinary happens where you’ll have to dig into your pocketbook for needed expenses. For the most reasonable wedding table decorations ,you may want to include candles because they’re inexpensive and can always create a romantic atmosphere. However, the key to making things happen on a tight budget is to implement grouping techniques and to include eye-catching elements. A prime example would be in the case of a wedding that would be taking place on a beach. Here, you can take a very large crystal glass holder and place large ivory inside of it and place it right in the center of the table. Then take a bed of sand and sprinkle it around the candle and top it off with an arrangement of seashells. This is allowing your creative juices to flow while at same time staying within your budget.

Wedding table decorations aren’t very difficult; sometimes we just have the tendency to set very high expectations and attempt to meet them without the required financial resources. If you have money to spend on a wedding then your options are a lot broader and your creativity becomes somewhat god-like, in the sense that you can pretty much do whatever you like, especially when it comes down to wedding reception table decorations. Under these conditions you can create a flower centerpiece that would have people standing in awe and captivated by the showmanship and overall creativity that was put into your wedding table decor. You can go as far as submerging flowers under water or creating an explosion of some sorts with flower. The possibilities are obviously endless when your budget stretches from one corridor to another.

If looking to create your own wedding table decoration, then begin by looking in bridal magazines for ideas. Pull out photos of those which catch your eye. Is there a theme to your wedding? Table decorations for weddings often will follow a recognizable theme throughout the event, such as the beach theme mentioned earlier. You will find countless wedding table decoration ideas in magazines, but don't forget to look online. There are so many wonderful wedding themed blogs which cater to the bride-to-be in making this an event to remember.

Some other tips for deciding on table decorations for wedding are to think of a particular style and run with it. Do you like vintage? What about modern? If you are leaning towards a vintage look then it is easy to create your own wedding table decor by beginning with an antique glass or bottle and adding a simple arrangement of flowers. Don't worry about getting matching glass bottles or vases for each table. Part of the charm is to have something a little unique about each table. Perhaps the uniformity lies within the flower arranging. Make your own wedding table number cards and place cards as well. Take a look at the scrapbooking and paper crafting section of your local craft store for ideas.

Wedding cake table decorations need not be overly fancy. The cake, afterall, is the main attraction at this table. Use flowers to decorate the space on the table around the cake. Add some pretty glass beads and perhaps have a mirror underlaid to reflect images of the beautiful cake display.

Whatever you decide to do, allow your friends and family, and perhaps your wedding party as well, to participate in preparing your wedding reception table decorations. There is no point keeping control over every aspect of your wedding. Might as well relax and enjoy the process!


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