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Married But Still Looking

Updated on June 15, 2013

Volume IV

I am taking out a want ad, and it will read, “32 years old, black, professional female who loves to read, write, scrapbook, travel and meet new people. If you are looking for someone who is down to earth enough to go into your local hole in the wall and classy enough to take to your company Christmas party, that’s me! It’s important that I note that I am married but looking for a woman, other than my wife, to tell me I still got it.”

As a lipstick lesbian, it is very difficult to meet other lipstick lesbians. Many lipstick lesbians exist under the radar for various reasons. A lipstick lesbian looks like and is your typical soccer mom. She is ultra-feminine in her attire and personality. Many wouldn’t dare wear a rainbow bracelet and don’t give any clues about their sexuality, even when the conversation between heterosexual women goes to their favorite talking point, MEN. When she gets about 25 years old and/or prepares to settle into a professional career, she forgoes partying at the local gay club, that’s if she ventured into one at all. You may come across her profile online, but she has some avatar as her picture, because her work friends, boss, and maybe even family can’t know the truth. So, how am I to even meet this lipstick lesbian I so desperately need to flirt with me?

Possible Lipstick Lesbian
Possible Lipstick Lesbian

That's right. I don't need her to become my chick on the side. As a matter of fact, I don't even need her to know my name or I hers. I just need to run into her when I am walking in the mall, pumping gas, or at the gym and for her to tell me I still got that thing.

Men Will Sleep With This!

And it must be a lipstick lesbian because, well, that's what I like and... Have you met a man? I have seen a man that is clearly a ‘2’ approach a woman that is a definitely a ‘10’ with the bravado of a man that is a ‘20’. Equally, I have seen a man who is a ‘10’ approach a woman who is a ‘-3’. Many men often times will flirt with and sleep with anything with a pulse. Feminine women are quite different. They won’t dare approach you unless you are the full package, a much better indicator of your sex appeal. For instance, my now wife, a lipstick lesbian, was not interested in me even slightly initially. Neither was I interested in her. It wasn’t until I started fostering a relationship with her son that she even began to notice me. Overtime I found myself attracted to her hustle. She was a single, recent college graduate with a four month old son who was legally doing whatever she had to, to provide for him. Also, did I mention her mother had blessed her with a behind that if I go any further about it will be idolatry? Let’s just say ‘It’s lovely.’ She insisted that I was a full package and she was and is a full package.

Ready to Flirt!
Ready to Flirt!

But, even with a full package at home, I need another woman. Like most women, I like the attention I get when someone notices me. I could pretend that getting my hair done, nails done, eyebrows waxed, wearing four inch heels, and concealing my bulge with a spanx that feels like it is slowly robbing me of my oxygen is all for me and perhaps my wife, but dammit she is going to tell me I look good wearing aluminum foil if she wants me to cook dinner tonight. Ten years ago, I was a size 6, and now I am in a 12 and one more biscuit and gravy away from being a 14. I feel like less than myself. I want to have sex but feel too awkward to get nude. I want to put on something sexy but feel like a an adult pig wrapped in a baby blanket. So right now I don’t need a man who will sleep with any woman that will sleep with him. I need an objective flirt to give me a boost of confidence. I need a woman to flirt with me that has sized me up and still thinks I got it.

I can't be the only woman left in the world that needs validation, am I?

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    • AMarie Jackson profile image

      AMarie Jackson 5 years ago from Summerville, South Carolina

      That is perhaps the greatest compliment I could get as a writer. I am glad I made you smile!

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Sorry for my typos...

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      You article put a smile on my face and made me laugh.

      Thank you! I'm sure you still goy that thang ;)