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The Code Of Standards

Updated on November 17, 2013

What Is the Code of Standards?

Welcome Readers, this article is for men and women who are looking to start vamping up their lives by starting to date again. It doesn't matter how you choose to start looking for someone, online sites like chat rooms or facebook, or just going out to a club with a few friends. The code of standards is basically the codes everyone has heard before at some point but has been forgotten or overlooked. So i'm taking it upon myself to use my talent of writing to remind all my fellow readers about the code of standards. Now with that being said, lets take a moment to address what having standards really means. Having standards is about having a limit to how far you will go to get what you want. Now when you bend or break your standards what happens? Typically you end up really regretting it. Their are those exceptions but hey how many times does lighting strike the same spot? Moving forward when it comes to dating you must never forget that it is art. You have be talented enough to be able to ditch the loosers and go for the winners. Now how can you do that without going through a bunch of bullshit? Well that's where the code of standards comes into play. Now let me state this for the record, this is based on experience and knowledge from some of the best dating coaches from both online and ones you pay a lot of money too. Not everyone will agree with the code but I have tired them personally and it does work. If your looking for someone who can be a suitable living partner for you. Winning isn't about go into something recklessly, winning is about having a strategy. With that in mind let's get into it!


More than Just a Face

You can be the most beautiful looking male/female but you're going to need more than to win the war of dating! You can win the battle of dating being good looking but in the end you will lose if you don't know the next few steps. Good looks get you attention, no doubt. Although to have a serious edge you have to have the next step. Confidence. You have to believe in you and what your doing with your life. Why? Well picture this, your with this really sexy lets say female in this example. She seems to have it all together as a man you feel you have step up your game just be around her. Then boom she starts talking about her life is a fucking mess and she doesn't know how she can deal with it. She starts saying that she feels alone and no one loves her. You know what happens next? This makes the person start to see you has unstable, needy, and an attention acholic. This woman chases away all the winners because they don't want that kind of drama. Only the loosers will stay around a woman that broken at first meet. Why? Because they don't have to put up their game anymore. They already know your weakness. Attention. Not a winning combo. Now this can be in reverse it can be man who just let loose all his problems at once. Same thing. Now to be more than a face, you have to know how to TALK to someone. You should know what information to give and what to hold back. Plus you MUST LOVE YOURSELF. If you don't feel confident in yourself believe me it will show. Your speech will slip into negative things. For example picture this, you see a handsome guy sitting in a coffee shop. He is laughing with his friends and catches your gaze. What happens next? If you shy away like your not interested because you have sweat pants and a tank top on then he will probably ignore you. Even if he thought you was hot. So instead try this, look right back at him and smile at him. Why happens next? He will think damn she looks good plus she likes me? Hold on guys I'LL BE RIGHT BACK. Now if he doesn't think your attractive that's fine remember its about you not them. Smiling makes you feel better. Makes you feel sexy. That's the key. Now is this all you need? HELL NO!! You have to know a few more things.


Captain of your own Business

Here is the number one rule with anything related to dating. Captain your own business. Meaning you must take yourself seriously. Meaning you don't just drop your panties or boxers off rip. Why? Yeah your going to have fun but that's it. You have to know that your not going to be that drunk fool who can't control yourself. Right?? That's just ugly. Now I mean you have to know how to make yourself interesting without going into the bedroom. How do you make yourself fun? Well picture this, you stay up late flirting on the phone. You have those amazing deep conversations that you just don't want it to end. Yeah seems corny? Well listen up that is an important part of dating. You have to keep your business to yourself meaning that your not up late talking about how you hate yourself and your life. That is BAD BUSINESS. WHY? Well no one wants to talk to someone who is such a downer. It's like you don't want to date someone who can't chill. Now picture this, you go out on a date at the movies then after you go to the park to walk around. It's late but what happens next? You should absolutely never ever start talking about how you really need someone. Why? Well again that is like putting up a red flag that your needy. Translate into you can't be alone. That is not cool. Instead keep it funny and talk about the crazy parts of the movie. Or how you really think that person is very entertaining because they just have a lot of funny stories. Now again, take yourself seriously. Talk about the great things in your life. Focus on making your struggles your victories. This will make the other person know that your in control of your business in life and will want to show you the respect. Respect is a HUGE PART OF DATING. If you don't have respect then kiss it all goodbye. Respect is about highlighting the best parts of your life and loving you. The other person will love for that and will want to be apart of that. That's the point ladies and gentlemen. You want the other person to want to be apart of your life. You don't want a bedroom buddy if your actually trying to date someone off the bat. That is for later in the show.


Money isn't everything!!!

Now this should go without saying but I'm going to say it anyways. If you focus on how much a person makes instead of the person they are then you will end up with someone you don't like. Just for comfort. Yet you will still be lonely at night. That is not want anyone wants. Now I have said there are loosers and winners. Now loosers are not always someone who doesn't make money. Everyone falls on hard times. Now a looser is someone who is looking to get off easy and not take control of their life. A winner is a person who knows what they are capable of and goes out and gets it. Regardless of the possibility of failure. They know it will be hard but they live up to it. They own up to it. Your dignity as a person should always match someone your dating. YOU MUST NEVER LOWER YOUR DIGNITY AS A PERSON TO MATCH THE OTHER PERSON! NO. That is some bullshit. If they can't match you then there not for you. Simple. Move on, you will be better off. That goes for MEN AND WOMEN. For example, if your with a woman who just want to lay around your house and do nothing. Fuck that bitch. Yeah I said it. If she ain't bringing nothing to your table to increase your winnings then leave her alone. She ain't right. Same thing goes for women. Dignity is important because that is part of your character as a person. You don't change for no fucking body! That just ain't cool, if they want to be with you than they got to step up simple. No bullshit.



Yeah I know it sucks sometimes. Well everybody got standards believe it or not. Nobody wants to saddle themselves with a nobody. That's just how it is. Yeah it hurts get over it. You have to have some type of education under your belt. Or at least be heading that way. It's important because it shows your commitment level too. If a person isn't willing to commit to educating themselves and advancing there own life. Then how will they treat you? Will they get bored and drop you? Do something reckless and cheat? Well think about that. You want to be with someone who can commit to something and grow with it. Rather it be a job or school. You don't want to saddle yourself with someone who don't want nothing. That is bad business. Education is also about building your confidence as a person. You feel and know you did it. It is about respect. Yes education is a fundamental that helps you get where you want to be. Helps you network with people who like-minded in your goals. That is the key. Not to say someone who has been working a job for 5 years can't commit. That shows commitment. Advancement and hard work. It shows they are working hard to have what they want in life. The point is you don't want to end up with someone who is going nowhere in life. That is a looser. Your looking for winners. Its all about the right mind set of the person. Actions. Ambition. Dignity. Respect. That's what you want. A good trustworthy character. Someone who can see you for who you are and help you grow.


Final Words: Standards

I want all my readers to take one thing from this article. It is about having standards. A set or code of standards that works for you. Nobody is the same. Everyone is different and these codes might not work for you. That's okay. It's just about knowing what you want and what your not willing to give to get it. These code of standards I have taken and translated them into my own words. Believe me when I say this, I have broken these code of standards for myself and it has resulted in continued failure. When I followed this code of standards I was a much happier person and found winners. My circle came to me. Now like I said this won't work for everyone, but just let be a guide or food for thought. I want to personally thank all my readers for reading my article because that is what makes this worth typing. It is why I do this. I hope you enjoyed the article! Until next time readers take care of yourselves, ciao.


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      its muah 

      5 years ago

      love it, thanks!....(very helpful)


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