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The Current Trends in DC Wedding Bands

Updated on July 26, 2011

Stylish Washington DCweddingbands have changed a lot in the past ten years. Once almost entirely made of yellow gold and diamonds, most DC engagement rings and wedding jewelry is now platinum or white gold. If you are getting remarried, or ready to tie the knot for the first time, you might want to brush up on current wedding jewelry trends. That way, you will make sure that your selection of a DC engagement ring reflects both the style of the day as well as your unique style and pizzazz.

Metals popularly used in wedding bands

Although most people still think of gold when they think of a wedding band, there are about a dozen metals that are used to make wedding jewelry. The most popular metals used to make wedding bands and Virginia engagement rings are: platinum, white gold, yellow gold, titanium, silver, tungsten carbide, stainless steel, and rhodium. Occasionally, you will also see wedding rings made from rose gold, lime gold, bronze gold, or red gold, but these are very rare and only made on a custom basis.

Over the past ten years, one of the biggest changes in both women’s’ and men’s’ wedding jewelry is the most popular color of the metal. From 2000 to 2011, white gold and platinum have outnumbered yellow gold wedding bands about four to one. Traditionally, yellow gold has been considered the most desirable color for wedding bands and engagement rings. There were a few brief periods (such as during World War II) when white gold gained some popularity, but overall yellow gold has dominated the nuptial jewelry market for over one hundred years.

Currently, the trend in wedding bands and engagement jewelry is definitely for platinum or white gold rather than for yellow gold. However, given the historical preference for yellow gold, and the fact that yellow gold has already come back in style in European wedding bands, it is likely that yellow gold wedding jewelry will be the most popular again within the next five to ten years.

Different metals offer various benefits and drawbacks. Gold is easy to scratch, since it is so soft of a metal. However, yellow gold is bright and sets off a diamond better than other colors of metal. The contrast between the yellow gold color and the white clarity of the diamond makes a diamond stand out better. This is one of the reasons why yellow gold rings have been the most popular for wedding jewelry in Europe and other countries for so long. If you are getting your ring in gold, you can select from several different types of gold. The finest and most pure gold is 18 kt. gold, which generally lasts much longer than other types of gold, such as 14 kt., 10 kt., etc. However, if you can only afford a lower quality gold, you can always have your gold ring resurfaced in ten or fifteen years, and the gold will look brand new again.

Silver wedding bands (which are the traditional ring forwomenwho are Eastern Orthodox or Eastern Catholic Christians) will tarnish easily if they are not polished regularly. Silver wedding bands can corrode away if they are not taken care of properly, developing pockmarks and dark stains. For some people, this is symbolic of taking care of your spouse and doing something daily to polish and brighten their day. To others, having to polish a silver band is tedious and they would rather have wedding jewelry that does not have as much upkeep.

Platinum is a high-status metal for wedding bands, since platinum is about twice as expensive as 18 kt. gold. However, platinum is a heavy metal (much heavier than a gold ring of the same size). Platinum is beautiful and very pure, and will last a long time. It doesn’t get scratched or dented as easily as gold does, but since it is so heavy women do often not prefer it. It can be uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis, particularly if your daily work involves working with your hands (such as construction work).

Where to wear your wedding ring

Wedding rings in Washington DC are generally on the left hand, as is common in the UK, France, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, USA, and several other countries. However, most of the world wears wedding rings on the right hand, since there are negative connotations connected with the left hand. This is due to the fact that the Latin word for left is “sinistra,” which is associated with the English word “sinister.” Other customs associating the left hand as less important (such as traditionally shaking hands only with the right hand) evolve from this apparent slur on the left hand as the less worthy hand.

The wedding ring is usually worn on the right hand in other countries, including Chile, Spain, Germany, Colombia, Venezuela, the Netherlands, Greece, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Azerbaijan, Russia, and many countries. The ring is always worn on the right hand by Orthodox Catholics, or in some places where Catholicism is the most popular religion (Orthodox Christians also wear it on the right hand and not the left hand). This tradition may have begun thousands of years ago, according to legends. In the ancient city of Rome, tradition has it that some wealthy couples wore love rings on their right hands as a symbol of secret love or passionate attachment.

Some people wear the wedding ring on the middle finger, in the classical tradition of the major vein of the hand going straight to the heart through the middle finger. This is seen as symbolic of a married person’s love staying close to their heart at all times. However, most countries with a tradition of wedding rings wear the wedding ring on the fourth finger, either on the right or left hand. The wearing of the wedding ring on the fourth finger is also linked to which blood vein goes from the finger to the heart. The fourth finger, in this tradition, contains the vein of love, and so it is this finger that the wedding ring is worn on. The symbolism behind wearing wedding rings on the fourth finger is that the couple publically declares that all of their romantic love is channeled into their marriage, and it is thus seen as a symbol of fidelity and enduring love. This is the most popular finger for married or engaged couples to wear Washington DC wedding bandson.


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