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The Darker Side Of love.

Updated on October 8, 2009

The Darker Side of Love



Television's on

but neither one is watching

an ambulance goes by

its siren unnoticed.

The rings on their fingers

just cause allergic reactions now,

sex is something

that's ranted about on Oprah,

food is tasteless

only necessary to keep

the intestinal fortitude


Bad love carries a lot of crap

that needs to be rectified

and disposed of.

The baby laughs

but the twinkle in his eye

no longer reflects back

from his parents glances.

He fails to understand

and giggles on.

Rage now replaces the high

of a long sweet kiss,

crossword puzzles replace


instant replay has taken

the place of foreplay.

When eyes do meet

the hurt and angst

that they mirror

cause both to turn away,

unable to face each other's

failure to face

each other's failures.

Counselors lie


along the couples life's path

like war torn refugees

their hands raised in

exasperation and surrender.

Their name as a family

is filed away under hopeless.

The child alone is the glue

that keeps the false pretense

from falling apart.

It is not just the screaming

the child will remember

but also the Arctic atmosphere

of this family environment

long after his parents

are split by death.

But they can't see beyond

the petty indifference's

of their selfish under indulged

contract with each other

and so......

The television is on

but no one is watching

an ambulance goes by

its siren unnoticed.

There is no emergency here

no urgency left

just allergic reactions

as the laughter

of what they have sired,

chuckles softly

in the background,

still happy for now,

in spite of what has

sadly transpired

around him.


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