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The Dating Rotation Strategy

Updated on December 27, 2016

What is a dating rotation?

Have you heard about this dating concept? A dating rotation is having non-exclusive dates with a certain number of people instead of one. Depending on your preference, it means having multiple people to be part of the so-called 'rotation.' It may not even be called rotation in some settings but may be referred to as a dating 'cycle' or 'series' but the idea is more or less the same. It is a very interesting concept in dating that you might want to learn about to up your dating game. It may not be for everyone but it is good to learn a few basic things about it.

In a dating rotation concept, a person dates several people on rotation and none are exclusive. The rotation can go on until the person decides to be exclusive with anyone among the rotation. It does not have any set of rules but depending on every circumstance, one may or may not inform any one about the fact that they are a part of a dating rotation. The best part is it is dating people non-exclusively so in an ideal setting, one should not engage in sexual relationship with anyone. As mentioned, these rules may or may not be applied by everyone.

Active dating scene (Buddha Bar, Makati City)
Active dating scene (Buddha Bar, Makati City) | Source

How does it work

Dating at least three people at a time can be considered as a rotation. Always remember that since it is non-exclusive dating, one will have a free reign on getting to know each person on the rotation without having the pressure to get too focused on just one. Dating should be fun and carefree being the initial stage of getting to know a potential mate. True enough, the concept of a dating rotation will give one that freedom and control.

Most will of course have some sort of priority among those in the rotation. The priority list will rank them in terms of who of those in the rotation has the most chemistry while the bottom of the list will keep one from being focused on any one person at a given time. It sounds harsh but this is especially true as one gets to know each and everyone in the rotation. Some will stand out and will move to the top of the list in terms of time schedule, preference, etc.

Following the concept of dating rotation can take a bit of multi-tasking in making ones date calendar conflict-free because no one wants to have a date life that messes up with other areas in life. Talk about getting late to work due to a previous night out just to keep everyone in the rotation happy. The key is to have a selected number of people you would be interested in knowing at a deeper level until such time that you decide to date only one of them exclusively and let go of the others.

Maintaining a roster of non-exclusive person to date at any given can be time consuming but if one is not yet confident about keeping tab of a date schedule, start at three people at the most. This way, you will have enough number to keep you from over-investing time and effort over any one. Once you feel confident, then adding a few more will be easier. Always keep in mind that dating should be fun and not overlap with other aspects of your life.

What makes dating rotation good for you

It helps you realize what you really want in a person

The dating rotation will help you realize what you really want to look for in a future mate. The exposure to different people coming from differing backgrounds will help you gain insight on what it is that you would like for a long term relationship and what will work considering the varied personality differences.

It helps one gain more self-confidence

Not having to focus on one person's attention and instead spread it among multiple will help gain one confidence in communicating and dealing with the opposite sex.

You value yourself more

A successful dating rotation will help you to value yourself more knowing that you have a lot to offer to a partner. It will strengthen your conviction and self-steem to not settle for anything or anyone, for less than you deserve.

Prevents being fixated on one

It also prevents you from being too focused in one person and thus will likely make you commit to the wrong person who happens to come your way first. In short, this is fun way to play the field without hurting feelings and having any expectations from both sides of the fence. Dating rotation ensures that not one single person captures your entire attention. It will also help that having several people to keep your mind preoccupied will make you less susceptible to only one person's charm.

You avoid committing before the other person does

It is easy to fall into the trap of committing immediately even before that other person commits to you when he is the only one pursuing you. The dating rotation will be your ally to keep you on check. It will also cause those under your rotation to step up to the plate knowing there is competition if he even makes the mistake of slacking off.

Avoid wasting time waiting

When you have several people to date, there is no time to sit, wait and pine for one person. While one person decides to ask you out for a second or third date, you don't waste time waiting for that because for sure one on your rotation will jump at every opportunity to ask you out on your free schedule.

It is your right to act and enjoy being single.

You are a single person and should never feel guilty acting like one when you have not consented to enter in a committed relationship. It is your right to be free and enjoy knowing potential mates before settling for exclusivity.

It weeds out those not so serious to pursue you

If a gut is really interested to pursue you, knowing others are also interested to win you over, will make his intentions clear and will do everything to stand out, step up the plate so you will consider him on top of the rotation. He would not want others to have an edge over spending some quality time to know you more.

If may not work for some who has trouble keeping one date. It may not work for those who have problems multi-tasking. It will not work for people who are too serious in their dealings with dates. It may not work for those that have a jealous personality.

On one hand, a dating rotation may work well for people who are very sociable and have no problem getting themselves a date. It would work for confident people who are very aware of what they can offer to the dating market. Finally, a dating rotation would be handy to those who are not yet ready to commit and simply enjoy dating several people while keeping options option in case that right person steps up the plate. Just be honest and you won't be having any problem making rotation a part of your dating strategy.

Dating rotation will help you gain more confidence (Buddha Bar, Makati City)
Dating rotation will help you gain more confidence (Buddha Bar, Makati City) | Source

Things to remember when you have a rotation

1. Never be the first one to suggest exclusivity.

2. Never hurry because time is on your side. Know about more, learn more about those who stand out in your rotation. If you are looking for someone to be in a relationship with in the long haul, take your time to find for that one deserving person of your love and time.

3. It is not about sex. Refrain from engaging in promiscuity, it will backfire.

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