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The Dating Steps To Success - Dating Tips 101

Updated on March 17, 2010

Dating Tips 101 – The First Steps To Success

 Often even people who have been in the dating game for a long time do not know the basics – and that could be one of the reasons why many of them never find that great date or the one person they can really relate to.  For those just getting started in dating and also those who have been dating for a long time but want to know why they have not found what they are looking for, here is dating tips 101 – the first steps to success.  Out of the millions of people out there, only 0.2% of them may be the type you are compatible with which means that if you hope to meet the right person, you have to get out there and meet as many people as possible.  Maybe one in a million meets the right person on his or her first date – the rest have to spend time on it and the longer you spend and the more people you meet, the greater your chances of dating success.

 You need to know where to find dates and your school or workplace is a great starting point as are clubs and bars – there are lots of places, if you just take the trouble of looking hard enough.  Expand your circle of friends and meet their friends – one of those you meet could be the one you have been waiting for.  Speed dating parties, chat room and online dating sites are great places to meet people who are searching for the same things you are and with million of people involved, your chances of success are good.

 If you want to get a date, the first impression you make is very important – and it all begins with your physical appearance.  Not everyone can look like Brad and Angelina, but there are very few aspects of your appearance that a good makeover and effective style tip will not change for the better so that the first impression you make is a positive one.  And after you get your appearance right, the next thing to work on is how you present yourself – you need confidence to show you are not needy, but overdoing it can be a big turn off to most people; so ensure you strike the right balance between confidence and arrogance.  While some people have natural confidence, others have to work at it and if you are lacking in it the best thing to do is go to bars and clubs and watch how people approach strangers – there are hundred of techniques and you are sure to find one that you are comfortable with and which will give you confidence.  After you have approached someone and started talking you must ensure that you keep the conversation going – there are lots of tips on this subject which you can pick up online; once again, be sure to use a style that suits you.


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