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The Demon

Updated on December 18, 2011
carolinemd21 profile image

I am an artist, designer, photographer and writer. See more of my work on cmariearts.


You come to me at night

When you think I am asleep

Trying to crawl inside of me

In so far deep

You spit your fire and terrorize me

Sustain and paralyze me

You tell me to hush

You will take control

You leave me panicking

Weightless and trapped

Immobilized and empty

You creep up

Slithering scales all around me

A scorpion's rage

Disembodies me

The prey you seek

Can never satisfy you

This poem could have many meanings. I was coming from a vulnerable place when I wrote this. As I read it though, it kind of sounds like sexual abuse or some kind of haunting. I never saw a ghost so I don't really know if I believe in them even though when I went on vacation to New Orleans some weird stuff happened.

There was a point in my life where I was having a series of nightmares where I was being held down by something. It felt like something was controlling me. I have read about sleep paralysis and it felt different than that. The nightmares would scare me like nothing I've ever felt before. I didn't know why I was having them. A lot of those nightmares came after a boyfriend of mine and I had a fight. It was a crazy relationship. There was a lot of abuse and secrets in that relationship. Sometimes it felt really good and normal and felt like I was really in love and everything was fine. Then there were times where it just killed me.

After these dreams, I always felt scared like there was something there watching me. It was a bad feeling and I felt like it was playing with me. The dreams always came in similar patterns. I would always be in bed in the dream in a room I would be sleeping in so it felt real. Sometimes I would be sleeping next to a person I was trying to wake up and they never woke up. Then the force would come down on me and hold me down. A couple of times right before it let me up it did a playful squeeze on my leg. A few times only a knife would be up to my throat holding me down. And a couple times there was a hand that looked as if it was coming down on me. In two dreams - the first two I had, something was pulling on my arm trying to pull me off the bed.

There were some really scary ones which really disgusted me too. In one whatever was holding me down was trying to have sex with me. In another one, it showed itself as a little bald dwarf like in the movie Sin City. It told me to hush and then it was trying to stick needles in me. Then one that freaked me out the most was where I was sleeping at a friend's house and after I had a fight with that boyfriend fell asleep and ended up waking up in the bathtub with my clothes on in about three inches of water. I had a couple drinks that night, but nothing that would make me act as crazy as sitting in the bathtub in water. I was also pretty sober when I went to sleep.

Another dream was pretty bad where I was in a room, heard water dripping outside. Heard someone calling my name outside and from this little receipt machine came out a letter with all of these images. On it read, " You should be a prostitute." Then I was held down on the bed again and finally when I got really scared it let up with the squeeze on my leg again and I woke up feeling scared.

I haven't had one in awhile, so I'm happy. I am not saying this was a ghost, because I don't know if I believe in them like I said. All I know is that these were the scariest dreams I've ever had. I would love to know if any of you ever had one like this or anything similar.


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    • A.A. Zavala profile image

      Augustine A Zavala 6 years ago from Texas

      Never expereinced anything like this. I have had dreams in which I felt like I was suffocating, but I didn't suffer from sleep apnea. And I have others that caused me to kick really hard in bed. Fascinating....

    • carolinemd21 profile image

      Caroline Marie 6 years ago

      @ Nighthag thank you!

      @ Cherylone Thank you for reading. I believe the same thing of dreams. Thank u for your comment. Always nice to see you. :)

    • cherylone profile image

      Cheryl Simonds 6 years ago from Connecticut

      Your dreams were frightening and I am so glad you haven't had any lately. I have always believed that dreams are your sub conscious mind trying to tell you something. Perhaps there is a message that is trying to get through. I hope you find it soon.

    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 6 years ago from Australia

      A fantastic poem that held me spellbound great!!

    • carolinemd21 profile image

      Caroline Marie 6 years ago

      SubRon it's good to know I'm not alone. Thanks for reading and sharing!

    • SubRon7 profile image

      James W. Nelson 6 years ago from eastern North Dakota

      Caroline I've had similar "dreams/nightmares" but in that sleep/wake state. I don't know which, and yes, they are scary episodes.

    • carolinemd21 profile image

      Caroline Marie 6 years ago

      @ Mathira thank you for reading. I always appreciate your comments. :)

      @ Wonderful Wow. That's amazing! At least I know this happens to other people. lol. I will take a look at your book. That stuff always fascinates me. Thank you for reading!:)

      @ Sky Thank you for reading! That's amazing that you can control your dreams like that. I would love to learn that. I will take a look at the book. :)

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Love the poem Caroline and I can say that dreams are happens that can do some wonderful things to some and some devastating things to others , but I love dreams , because I think my body is programmed to analyze then when they are occurring ,. If I am not enjoying the dream then I will wake and most times finish it , though it's strong enough to return sometimes.

      There is a book I read many years ago , just for the hect take a peek if you can .


    • wonderful1 profile image

      Sheila Varga Szabo 6 years ago from Southern California

      Very intriguing. Thanks for sharing with us. I have had these so-called "sleep paralysis" which I actually wrote about in my ghost story ebook. In Hungary, they call it something that translated means "pressure from spirits." It is scary as heck when you are in a conscious state in between sleep and being awake, and you can't move your body-- and it feels like something is putting its weight on top of you. I also had those experiences during rough times with my ex. Fascinating stuff. I'd love to hear more of your stories (I plan to write a sequel to my first ghost story ebook), so feel free to message me.

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 6 years ago from chennai

      Your hub made an interesting reading about your dreams, carolinemd21.

    • carolinemd21 profile image

      Caroline Marie 6 years ago

      Last Heart I always like hearing other people's stories of when strange things like these happened to them. Thank you for reading and commenting!

    • Lastheart profile image

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 6 years ago from Borik√©n the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      Wow! As I read this I know what you have been through, because I have had experiences like those for many years. My own kids have stories of me waking them up with a scream. What really help me is my relation with God and Bible true verses like: You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. 1 John 4:4. I am happy for you that you are happy now.