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The Difference Between "Perfect Love" and "True Love"

Updated on September 4, 2014

What is True Love

True love is two people that work to keep something that was special to them. If we love our first vehicle we usually keep that vehicle longer than any other vehicle we get. It has value thanks to either it's our first, or the one we worked hardest to get. We get attached to the things that have value to us. Love is no different from everyday life. If we love our job we are less likely to leave that job. If we hate our job we leave for the first job that makes us happier or pays better.

Can Love Be Perfect

The question we have here is a simple one. Can a man or woman love a woman or man unconditionally and without fail. We are all taught that love is something magical and just happens right. Love is obviously perfect, but the world is naturally imperfect. How can love be perfect if everything else is not. The answer is love is not perfect. We as humans naturally tire of things if we do not fully commit to it. The things that we do not earn we naturally do not work as hard to keep or commit. Love is work and many of us do not like that answer

Lets Grow Old Together

Problems With Today's Love

Today love is seen as the fairy tale's happy ending. I am going to meet someone, and it will be love at first sight for both of us. It is usually one person in the relationship who believes this. The other person usually generally likes to be around the person and feels comfortable. So now we have a divide and a misunderstanding. One person is living their dream out, and the other person is having fun with his or her friend. This disconnect could be one of many reasons leading to such high divorce rates. Both parties are from the beginning not on the same footing. One is willing to do more in the relationship leading one to do less. For example: James is playing video games and hanging out with his buddies, while his wife Susie is cooking, cleaning, working, and buying him gifts all the time. This example of a relationship is destined to fail because when Susie can't do James will leave, or Susie will just leave James because he is giving her no reason to stay.

I'm Not Sacrificing

How Do We Know True Love

It is hard to know true love because that comes over time. The total is only equal to the sum of it's parts. If one side is pulling more than the other you have a weak foundation. If one leg on a chair is weak are you still willing to sit on that chair. Both sides must be willing to sacrifice some things in order to make it work. Susie might want to spend more time with her husband. In a commited relationship James would sacrifice time he would otherwise spend doing something else to meet Susie's need. If James does that, Susie must also be willing to let James have time to himself to be with his friends. The relationship becomes more valuable because most people wouldn't make the same sacrifice. James gave us something therefore he is showing a willingness to commit. If examples like that are consistent many times the relationship will work.


How often do you and your partner Communicate

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Look In A Mirror

As humans we are inherently selfish creatures. We see ourselves as giving a lot to keep something good going, but are we really. When are partner asks us to do something do we do it like a boss telling us to do it, or do we pout like a child when asked to clean his room. Most successful relationships I have come across the couple takes time to themselves on a vacation. The vacation is a place where the couple can talk relax and talk about the problems in the relationship. They actively seek to know what they can do to keep this going, and what they are doing wrong.

Lets Talk

Lets Fall In Love

All men are dogs, and you can't trust these women. If you are on social media you constantly see statements like this. Truth is many people don't know what it takes for love. I did not understand why I was attracted to these women and it was not working. I constantly blamed the other person and never took on the question what is love. I love my family because they had a natural commitment to me. They nurtured me to be the man I am today. I promise to nurture the woman who commits to me, and I will be willing to do anything to make it work. Now that's how you fall in love


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

      Trevor, Welcome to HubPages! Your concepts are very reasonable and well-presented. " Both sides must be willing to sacrifice some things in order to make it work." Looking forward to more interchange of ideas in our articles.