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The Dream Guy

Updated on July 6, 2015
Ivyzaide profile image

hi, I‘m Ivy from the philippines. I love writing poems about what I feel or anything that comes to mind.

I always dream of a man who will be mine for the rest of my life. A man who look unconcerned and unfriendly but deep inside he is very caring. He‘s the type of guy who may look cool, distant and mysterious to everyone around him but when it‘s only the two of us, he is sweet, easy-going, kind, understanding and honest.

A man who look serious, snobbish and arrogant by nature but when we’re together, he’s a little naughty, childish at times and would do silly things just to make me smile. He ’s a type of guy who like to tease me alot until I get flustered and my whole face turned red, he would stop his teasing and would just stare at me with a smile on his face. When ask what’s wrong because he’s being a little creepy, he would just say that “ I can‘t help it, cause you are the most gorgeous girl in the world!”

A man who love to pat my head or ruffle my hair and would sometimes call me “kid” just to mess with me because he knows I don’t like being treated like a little child. He is also someone who is very sensitive to what I’m feeling, it’s like we have a connection that goes both ways, because we immediately know if somethings wrong with the other person. And when he knows that something’s bothering me, he would arrived at my doorstep with an icecream and horror dvd’s. And we will have a movie marathon, until I forgot whatever it is, but when it‘s to much to handle he would me let me cry on his shoulder until I get tired and he would stay with me until morning and I would wake up with him right beside me.

A man who can be very possessive because he can‘t imagine a life without you. He is someone who becomes over-protective because he can‘t let any harm come your way. He is also the type of guy who becomes hot-headed when I‘m in danger but he would definitely hug me tight and kiss me once he deem it safe. And when we have an argument he would make an effort to resolve our conflict and when he do something wrong he would not hesitate to apologize. Everyday he would make a point for us to hold hands or cuddle or kiss. And everytime we face some obstacles in our relationship he would prove to me and everyone around us that he would not let go but we would this world together.

A man who is very talented, smart and has a professional cooking skills. He‘s the type of guy who would play any musical instruments because that is one of his way of showing his love for me. A man who is a gentleman, who will respect and trust me. He‘s a guy who knows evry little detail about me bacause he pays great attention to evrything I say and do. He is someone who is very hot, sexy and handsome, while I‘m just this simple girl who has a great luck of making him fall in love with me, but he doesn‘t care about that because for him I‘m someone he can show off to the world and it‘s him who is lucky to have me.

A man who is almost perfect but still he is down to earth. He is my bestfriend, one who is loyal to the end and a lover that I could not ask for more. He is someone who believe in me, inspire me to be a better person and accepted me for who I am. He is a man who will love me for eternity and no matter what happens I will also loved that person.

Because his my...


My lover...

The man of my dreams...

However it‘s to good to be true because when it‘s time for me to wake up, reality will come crashing down at me...


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    • Ivyzaide profile imageAUTHOR

      Ivyzaide petallano 

      3 years ago from Philippines

      Tnx for the review

    • profile image

      Lee Cloak 

      3 years ago

      Very good, a great read, interesting, eye opening and thought provoking, differant, a seriously great read, thanks for sharing, voted up, Lee


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