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Finding the Easy Side of Hard People

Updated on October 15, 2015

Hard People

"There are people that get in our lives just to make it impossible, insportable." A person complained bitterly and declared that his life would be wonderful if it were not for so many undesirable people who inhabit this planet.

His complaint was based on the fact - as he thought - to deal with coworkers who he cataloged as arrogant and haughty.

When I listened to him, I thought that everywhere there are people who do not think as ourselves. Sooner or later, this diversity of thoughts, priorities, principles and values, causes family and social conflicts.

Hard People


Definition of Difficult People

The definition that I share with you, is: "These are people with multiple unresolved conflicts, trying to maintain or enlarge its image at the expense of lamenting all, emotionally blackmail, they fear being attacked in some way and try to damage the image of the others."

There are three questions that I recommend you to reply to analyze whether your presence is uncomfotable and you can be considered a hard or unbearable person

1. Your presence encourages love and harmony?
2. Is it easy to live with you?
3. Are you a person who is warmly received?

Answering them can give you a guideline for whether to live with you is a blessing or a torment.

Features of a Tough Person

I invite you to analyze with me some points that will give you light to identify if you live with a difficult or unbearable person, or if your presence may be considered conflictive because unfortunately we do not realize that we can be unbearable for someone.

You live with a difficult and unbearable if the person:
1. Has frequent outbursts of anger. Throws things, continually humiliates and there's a feeling of an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear when he appears. His outbursts are explosive and often occur over little things.

2. Focuses relentlessly on the faults of others and rarely in the successes. Recognition or admiration for someone is not part of their customs or their verbal repertoire.

3. Continuously complaints of those who are not as he thinks they should be. His biggest problem is made 7000 million people who inhabit this planet. He thinks everyone is wrong and should be as she says.

4. Uses emotional blackmail to get what he wants In connection with his partner it is easy to hear phrases like this:
"What you have is because of me" (Let us say not all ... you I brought some things from birth which also made me very happy).

5. Continuously says he loves you and can not live without you But his actions do not agree with his words. Speaks of the love that he professes, but his actions are based on verbal or physical violence.

That these three factors be always in your life

  • Because love is the most powerful force that exists. Do not let the economic crisis destroy those ties that make us stronger.Make sure that your actions and language are full of love. Become a loving wondering frequently. What is the most loving, peaceful and positive way to handle this situation?)
  • Faith because of it emerge true miracles.
  • Proactive attitude, seeking the "as if" instead of "because." A proactive person thinks before speaking. Control of anger and resentment before expressing their discomfort. Avoid instinctively reacts to what happens. Remember that what happens to you is not what affects you, it is how you react to what happens

Do you use these ways of thinking to be happy?

Do I accept people as they are?

See results

Thanks to that Difficult People

I Include Gratitude as a Lifestyle

A grateful heart will always be a more positive and optimistic heart. Gratitude approaches prosperity, never forget that.

To improve the relationship with your partner, friend, neighbor, co-worker. Take a pen and paper and write down the reasons for which there is no harmony ne the

Negative Adjectives
Positive Adjectives
poisonous vermin
creeping animal
good husband
good father
smells good
The third step is to move from theory to practice, test your humility and availability to improve a critical situation with whom you should want to improve the relationship.

How would you like to be remembered?

It is never too late to rediscover the right way. To recognize that we probably difficult for someone; that our actions and our presence motivate discouragement, sadness, uncertainty or fear. Worth it? Is never late to acquire skills such as those offered here to stay sane, be patient, prudent, respond to grievances or discomfort that cause certain difficult people with tolerance and understanding.

Dealing With Difficult People: Overview

Always Remember


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