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The Egyptian Marriage

Updated on February 3, 2010

You don't know how Marriage in Egypt is important to the Egyptians. Marriage means Sex. and nobody can ever give up six. so everybody get married in Egypt. 

the new stylish free life that Americans know; like a couple living together or dating with benefits somehow doesn't ring any bills for Egyptians because of the Religious background as i said before.  

so now we know that marriage is important. the next question would be Why marriage are so difficult?

well..the marriage as we know it comes generally with a particular way : a man (has so much money!) wants to get married(have sex) cause he's now about 30 years old, he had worked hard and traveled to Saudi Arabia or Dubai for work and money making. so he now has money and he wants to have sex .

so he starts looking for a suitable women and i mean by suitable : kinda pretty, virgin of course, religious, and her family are a nice people.

So he didn't marry her because he love her, but he did because he have money, and he wants to have sex!

and she said yes ! oh yeah she said hell yes ! girl say no for a groom who has money !

Love Stories

of course there are love stories, specially in schools and collage. but these love stories always fail because the dude here doesn't work..and he has no money at the time. and she (has) to get married by the time she finish her study like it's a rule or something.

so she can't wait for him for a three or five years or something, so she goes to another man who has the money and a much bigger than her!

Lucky us, huh? 


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      5 years ago

      Even with all of the obstacles that we face, we are trying all that we can to make our marriage happen.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Well Thanks 4 the topic, but there are some miss-understanding words or sentences!!

      As all countries have their own religion,culture,beleifs, values, norms, and taboos, Egypt too, has its own!!

      Marriages are a social union or legal contract between individuals that creates kinship. It is an institution in which interpersonal relationships.

      People in Egypt usually wants to get married because they want to have stability, conformity, love and romance, and sex. Usually, the man after building himself financially, and being aware enough, he starts looking for the suitable girl to be marry. A girl too looks for the suitable man,he has to have high manners, be well educated, good level of supporting her financially, and a well known reputation.

      The groom has to give his bride amount of money called "mahr", as a gift and for respect, he also brings for her at least a golden ring, which symbolizes their love. They always say that this ring is the vein that is connecting striaght to the heart.

      Marriages are not difficult, but the go under some rules of religion(Islam), culture, and norms. The parents of a bride wants her to live her rest of her life in safety, protection of a man, love, and to have a succesful marriage.

      Dating is NOT allowed, to know who is the child's parents and to keep the woman in a high degree!!

      Love does exist.In most cases, love comes during the engagement period, when both couples get to know each other more and more!!

      There are some rules taht should be there:

      1The Acceptance of both families to the marriage. 2)The acceptance of the bride and the groom to the marriage. 3)The groom must have financial means to support the wife and the family4) He must also provide a furnished apartment.

      5)The Bride accompanied by her guardian when she signs the marriage contract.

      6) Presence of witnesses.

      7) Payment of the bride’s wedding gift.

      8) Public declaration of the marriage.

      Getting married, is like completing half of the religion(Islam).

      Well, as you said before, the woman can't wait for her beloved man for 3 or 5 years, that is because if she didn't marry after finishing her education, people will look at her in a strange way.

      People have their own ways of celebrating their weddings.It is really amazing, specially that they are still attached to their history,(ancient egyptians)and they adapt from it a lot of traditions. They are closely attached to their religion too, which makes their marriage succesful, because Islam is a religion of all kinds of sciences, and it discusses everything in our lifes!!Following its rules is the best way to have a success in everything!!

      So marriages in egypt


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