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The Enlightenment of Men Who Wear Women's Lingerie

Updated on October 16, 2009

Men who wear lingerie. Men who wear women's clothes. Men who desire to embrace the feminine within themselves. Some dismiss the activity as a perversion, something done by 'sick' men who cannot embrace the narrow identity of masculinity they were assigned by their x and y chromosomal make up.

But, one could argue, there is more to men wearing women's clothing than just perversion. Perhaps, for some men , the wearing of women's lingerie, and the experiencing of the feminine is one step on the road to enlightenment.

Most of us have probably been exposed to the idea of a group consciousness, of the highest ideal of humanity being one, not separate entities, but one entity experiencing itself subjectively. This theme is prevalent in many spiritual traditions and is even embraced by atheists who do not believe in a god figure, but who do believe in some form of spirituality.

By this definition, the definition of a human being being a spiritual expression of a greater entity, there is no such thing as inherent masculinity or femininity. We are all both and none at the same time. Of course in reality, some of us fit into our categories more easily and happily than others.

Some men and women are happy to be 'real' men and women, women tottering around in high heels and short skirts, giggling a lot and making themselves pretty with make up and men grunting with masculinity, lifting heavy things, and playing football on the weekends.

Then there are those who wish to experience both sides of the duality. Who do not believe that what society has taught them represent ultimate truth. Who find pleasure and joy in expressing both masculine and feminine elements. There is an argument for enlightenment to be made in this type of behavior. When one experiences, then transcends gender, one is perhaps closer to renouncing the ego, the 'I' which we are told is nothing but illusion anyway.

This may be one reason why some have such opinionated negative reactions to men who wear women's clothing. In challenging the notion of male and female, in challenging the borders drawn by society, these men in some ways, challenge the very persona which has been built up over a lifetime.

Is wearing women's lingerie a sure fire means to enlightenment? I doubt it, however there is little doubt that the exploring of notions of the self as expressed through gender play can be quite enlightening.


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    • profile image

      Anon 8 years ago

      Well, my feeling is that people should do whatever they want, and if others don't accept it, than they just don't accept the person, plain and simple.

      I am a completely straight male who enjoys wearing women's underwear from time to time. I can't pick my brain to tell you why, I just know that I get in moods every now and again where I enjoy it. I only check out women, I have only ever BEEN with a woman, and I don't want to be with anything other than a woman. Someone that TRULY loved someone would accept their wearing of "women's underwear. Just think of the couples who get through one of them becoming paralyzed, or infidelity...what you choose to wear under your clothes is moot next to those kinds of hardships.

    • profile image

      Panty-Boy_1 8 years ago

      Taram said

      I am just wondering women wear man's clothes freely,why not men can wear woman's clothes, including saree?

      I have wondered that same thing for a while, and in the last few summers you will usally see me with a sarong on. Very comfortable in the heat and keeps the sun off the legs if I want. This past winter I started wearingdenim skirts, I also have heavy leather skirt. last sunday I had on a 16 inch cord skirt. My BF said I only recieved a couple of double glances. I really want to push the limits society puts onus men. I think my ideal outfit would be a t-shirt dress. Isn't it interesting a lady could wear something like and nobody would question it. Now if I wore they would think I forgot to get dresed this morning, and am still in my night shirt. I think the firstoutfit looks more like bed clothing.

      As for as a Saree I have been fantasising about that. Is it really much different from the wraps of the New and Old Testment?

      There also was a period of time when the munks and the nuns wore the very same outfit.

    • profile image

      SatinSatan 8 years ago

      The next thing I have to do is type one of these and keep it error free. Apologies for my typos. - Must try harder..

    • profile image

      Mikki 8 years ago

      Mr. Satin (or Mr. Satan) makes some very good points. While males who express only as x are not ready for "feminine" under dressing styles, they are coming to terms with different fabrics and styles. Simply visit a Macy's or Nordstrom and check out the "Euro" styles in male under attire: Papi, Armani, CK and others are all using finer cottons, various synthetics and natural materials in their manufacturing and product lines. While I hate the wide waistbands - why do they do that?? - there are several lines that use the small elastic bands I have become used to from my more feminine attire.

      However, when you get outside of these upscale stores and into "mainstream" America you will quickly see that aside from using various colors labeled "fashion", you will not see any great departure from the standard BVD established in the 1940-50 era. While there are a plethora of "specialty shops" on the net, most of them are dedicated to the sissy or adult baby segment of fetish wearers. There are a couple (can I say them here? bodyaware and xdress?) that actually design underwear with a feminine allure which are tailored and scaled for males, they can hardly be called mainstream and charge a premium price for their products. Perhaps rightly so... I have purchase several articles and find them to be equitable to major lingerie manufacturers.

      That being said, I prefer to shop in person in department store lingerie sections. The variety of selections, styles, colors, fabrics... it's all such a delight to the senses to select such fun and sexy under clothes! Notwithstanding a few older women who give you the evil eye of death, most women either ignore you or slyly watch you to see if they can determine if you are shopping for yourself. I think most of them presume you are shopping for yourself and just dismiss you, but I have on several occasions had ladies engage me in conversation about selections I had in my hands (one wanted to know where I had found a bustier she wanted... I think she would have been willing to arm wrestle for it, but I held on tight).

      I guess the central observation I want to make is that there is a progression in all things and, while it may never come to pass that women will accept their males who enjoy dressing in what is now feminine attire, I think the andyrogenous styling of clothing will provide men (again- such as in the middle ages) with the options for lace, silk and other fine fabrics in their outer and under designs.

    • SatinJenni profile image

      SatinJenni 8 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada

      Just be who ever you may be.

      Embrace your feelings and express them outwardly via your fashion and hygiene/grooming habits. Self expression is an inherent part of the Human Condition. Gender orientation really is nothing more than a label. Ironic since all that differentiates mens clothing from womens clothing these days is a label also.

    • profile image

      SatinSatan 8 years ago

      It is all down to peer group pressure and fashion. I sense there might be a move underway towards more anrdrogenous clothing designs and it may well be that women are in the forefront of this revolution as they have alreay embraced clothing originally designed for males; right down to "boy shorts". I remember when I was a little boy there were mutterings from the older (female) generation that girls should stick to frocks and petticoats and that it was a disgrace that they had taken to wearing pants and jeans. Now it is generally accepted. Now, I don't think it will be OK in my lifetime for males to walk down the street in a frock and blouse, but I do believe the prejudice against males wearing pretty underwear is on the wane. Here in Europe we have had attractive male underwear since the swinging sixties so it is a small step into lingerie. The USA on the otherhand, has always had an extremeny Puritanical attitude towards male underwear, basically "white is right". Pretty Fascist if you ask me. Having worked in the USA, and being very fond of that great country, I must say I have been bemused when sharing hotel rooms with male colleagues to hear them comment that my perfectly average European male underwear was considered by them to be somewhat racy. However, Europeans generally find the USA (outside California) to be a very conservative, not to say proscriptive, nation.

    • profile image

      Taram 8 years ago

      I am just wondering women wear man's clothes freely, why not men can wear woman's clothes, including saree? I just mentioned somewhere in your one of the hubs that men need to dare wearing sarees as well.