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The Essential Ingredients Of A Godly Courtships

Updated on May 20, 2010

The modern world is full of temptation and as imperfect creatures we can sometimes do imperfect things. It's quite common for those with a strong, religious beliefs to be confused and often clumsy in matters of the heart. We want to remain true to who we are without compromising our love life. If you can adhere to the core principals of a Godly courtship, you will thus be rewarded for your efforts by meeting your God ordained partner.

You must first realize and understand the difference between dating and courtship. Dating is what most modern people do as a recreational experience that may or may not lead to a serious commitment. In a courtship, however, you are looking for a long-term commitment - marriage. You are not socializing as a response to peer pressure or promiscuity, but instead are searching for your true love. If you carry yourself in a respectful and positive way, you are able to present yourself as marriage material.

Generally, when you are in a courtship you do not share the private activities that most dating pairs do. Not only does it compromise your strong faith, it represents you as something that you're not - even when your intentions are Godly. A good way to avoid this is to go out in and participate in group activities. This will promote healthy interactions and bond development without temptation. Try attending Church or Church events as a means to introduce family members and friends.

Another principle of having a successful Godly courting relationship is to enlist the guidance and advice of a church counselor, pastor, or fellow married Christian couple. They can help to give courting advice and guide you on how to develop the relationship into a marriage. Contemporary activities such as talking on the phone, emailing, and texting as well as going to the movies and other social arenas are definitely allowed within the scope of courtship. However, they must always be supported by those around you who not only love you, but wish to foster your strong Christian faith.

The main benefit of having a Godly courtship is to respect the traditional roles of men and women. Men will engage the woman in a potential relationship, while the woman decides to either encourage or dismiss the interest. This allows each individual to be respectful and encourages strong Christian values. It is extremely important to abstain from compromising situations as following God's word is a core principle in a healthy relationship. Limiting physical contact as well as wearing the appropriate attire can help you pursue a functional and respectful courtship.

Ultimately, the purpose of this procedure is marriage. However, life is not perfect and sometimes it may not end there. The benefit of having a Godly courtship though, is the end is usually done respectfully and with both parties on good terms. It also allows you to learn more about yourself and offer more insight as to what you seek in a potential wife or husband. Thus, helping you build the basis for a strong marital bond in the future.


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