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The Feeling of Lost Love

Updated on October 9, 2010

The Feeling of Lost Love

The road goes on forever
You see the good with the bad
So much is nothingness
Or such meaningless existence
Inspiration is fleeting
Out of nowhere, it sweeps over you
Just as suddenly, it's gone
Debilitating shock takes hold
An inability to think
Stomach churning
Questions of need and desire
Not understanding the power it has over you
Anger at the lack of control
Foolishness as a way of life
Not understanding anothers self-control
What does it say about their feelings?
Or your life?
Is the love the same?
The words so strong and sure
Yet they walk away so easily
The only thing that is real seems to be the pain
You hide your true emotions from all you encounter
Where does the pain go?
The problem resides with the one who understands the most
You live apart from your souls other half
It's not over
Love exists and is not compromised
You cannot wish love away
Only hate or abuse
Denial of the loss
Struggling to find meaning in each days act
How can someone close their eyes to love?
Don't fall apart
All that is left is pride
Ignoring pride brought love to the door
Pursue and you are an unwanted menace
Stay away and you project uncaring
Trapped in love that was torn away
Shards scattered to the wind
How can the pieces find themselves again?
Another crushing day of silence
Indifference takes no pride in love or shame in loss
Emotionally immature
Temporary insanity
Numbness fighting for attention
It has been said that grief is the agony of the instant
Do not indulge it
It can become the mistake of a life
Love in place of self-respect
Love that was fleeting
Why did it matter so much?
Begging for further disappointment
Is life so shallow that a beautiful dead end is all you have?
Strength and toughness compromise love
Unconditional love requires foolishness
Respect requires strength
Pride feeds on drawing a line
Nobody cares about the whines of one who has so much
So much that seems like nothing
The pain is apparent, but the love is so natural
There are moments where you cannot take it
You have lost a special place
The mundane has become your new home
You feel you will never be free
Those hours will be in your head forever
Today you feel better
You don't want to feel better
It begs the question of superficiality
Complacency with ordinariness
That is why the inspiration strikes so deep
It is a shock to the senses
We live with ordinariness and accept it far too easily
Minute by minute you heal
How can they be so strong and you so weak?
How can we ignore someone that we love so deeply?
Why is it right to act as if someone died?
How can you love somebody and yet pretend they do not exist?
Reality begins to settle in
The expectation of contact fades
Quiet desperation creeps forward
Disbelief that we can ignore the situation
You start to find your balance
Thinking of another in their life without losing focus
They are only human
Why does this create eloquent and gutteral thought?
Confidence and self-doubt
Exhilaration and pain
No games
How do you love at such a deep level and control yourself?
What do you say when they return?
Tepid questions about their well-being?
Deep responses about how love never dies?
Arms length caution and dishonest interest in trivial pursuits?
You are wrong; you don't feel better
Everything has been marginalized
You wait for someone to tell you that you are still alive
But another day and still you merely exist
They've turned the corner
Their loneliness and need for attention is not controlling them
Fatigued with understanding
You're in love, but in control
Who is telling them how special they are?
Who is making them feel alive?
Do they feel alive or are they existing in the same ordinariness?
If they call, will you be there?

Ring.... ring.... ring...


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    • e summer profile image

      e summer 7 years ago

      Luckily time heals . . .