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The Five Traits That Women Desire In Men

Updated on October 3, 2014

The Five Traits That Women Desire In Men

One thing that many heterosexual men have in common is the desire to meet and fall in love with a beautiful and classy woman. However, finding such a woman can be difficult, especially because ladies who fall into this category seem to have very high standards when it comes to choosing the men that they want to date and ultimately marry. What many men don’t realize, however, is that these types of women are not necessarily looking for men who are filthy rich, but they are looking for specific traits. Although there are a myriad of positive traits that men should possess in order to find the woman of their dreams, I have narrowed the list down to five.


The very first trait that a man should possess is masculinity. There is a universal law among all beautiful women and that is that they love masculine men. Women simply do not want to date men who are effeminate and wimpy. The trait of masculinity will be manifested in a man’s physique and demeanor. Men should also have mental toughness and not buckle under adversity and pressure. Most of all, masculine men should be willing and ready to protect their women at all costs. This is the core and essence of masculinity.


Confidence is one of the most important and significant traits that women look for in men. Men must essentially be able to have high confidence in their abilities and talents, and not be afraid to approach beautiful women. In actuality, these types of women are very easy to talk to, because many of them are searching for a great guy. However, confidence must not be confused with arrogance and cockiness. This is a major turn off to most women. Men must be able to have high self esteem without feeling the need to inflate their own egos.


Women love intelligent men who have a broad knowledge on an array of subjects. This attribute reveals that men are open minded to various perspectives and are deeply educated. Many beautiful women are great conversationalists, and they are looking for men who can reciprocate those same qualities. There is nothing more unattractive to a woman than a man who cannot properly communicate and articulate their own thoughts and ideas. However, deep education and intelligence can have the propensity to be overwhelming and intimidating. Therefore, be careful, have balance, and practice self-awareness.


Class is one of the most mysterious attributes simply because the majority of men do not have it. However, in order to find the woman of your dreams, you must be able to discover and cultivate the fine art of class. There are many elements that contribute to having class. Classy men have great taste in clothing and a strong knowledge of culture. In addition, they listen intently, do not talk too much, and most importantly, are not vulgar. Finally, because of their refinement they do not ever, under any circumstances, cut people down or treat them badly.


Finally, women love men who take initiative. This attribute is imperative to have, because it denotes both responsibility and dominance. Men who take initiative do not let other people dictate their behavior and actions. These types of men have the ability to set lofty goals and relentlessly pursue them until they are accomplished. In addition, men who practice this do not need to be told to pick up after themselves, because they are committed to excellence in all things, even the menial.

In Conclusion, men who embody these five traits will not have any problem at all finding a beautiful woman that they could potentially marry. However, these traits must be cultivated and deeply integrated into a man’s character. They cannot be feigned, because high class women are deeply discernible and have high levels of perception. Developing these traits can be tough, but it can be accomplished through self discipline and diligence.


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