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The Forties Male and Dating Women with Kids

Updated on June 5, 2014

The Forties Male and Dating Women with Kids

The Forties Male and Dating Women with Kids
The Forties Male and Dating Women with Kids | Source

The Forties Male and Dating Women with Kids

The forties male and dating the women with kids can be varied by each man and their wants and desires; this is mostly a single man in his forties that seek the companionship of the other sex, and why they will not find this young lady is that a kid situation comes in also. The next question is what he is willing to give her in return, right. There is a give and take situation in relationships, and there has to be equal amounts of each to compensate for the other. Assuming this is the position we as adults look at the two sexes in this fact, the male in his forties better be ready to take on a family of a women and children, from a previous marriage, usually. This is a big obstacle, which a male must factor in on finding that perfect someone for you. The women that, in ages thirty five to forty five and a man in in his forties would need to consider.


The women will have children, some one child; others in rural areas especially will have multiple kids, as I live in such a region. The idea and financial burden could prove too much for you, yet if this girl is the one, do the four children in her life play a factor in your love for this type of women. I am going to give the news, yes it will have to factor in, the relationship could go sour very quickly after the sexual play and the settle in factor in then you have four children to help raise and though they will be close to high school age or even college age, they will need financial help, and as a man you want to take this in to the love of the women.


It’s a shame that a women with children play a role in the dating game, it sure does not if you’re a women out on the town and you have all these guys come up to you to get your number, and then the reality kicks in when they come to pick you up and there are two little ones and a high school child and an adult child in college all in front of you. Then you’re waiting for their mommy and that’s when a date may go sour, you’re thinking as a man about the kid situation and forget the beauty you just hit up on the other night, therefore causing you to have a different kind of night out with this awesome girl.

What do you do when you found this women you have been searching for in your life and she has these three and four kids, do you end it based on the kids, or do you go with your heart and love her for whom she is. The times now, prices escalating in health care and school supplies and everything else could be a massive expenses and even though they may be used to living with less, a man in a new family wants to provide, I guess that would have to be a key in the decision, is to sit down with this lady you love and discuss with her about financial arrangement’s if you continue to see her and though you have fallen in love with her your commitment to the children has to come into play.

The conclusion to this is that a man would have to sit down with her and see how much money this would all take away from each of you to care for the kids and if it’s possible, usually I would think that a few women have been burned on situations like this and that’s a tragedy, I do see it being a problem though. The man would have to weigh in so many instances and challenges to take on such a family, this is something that most men including myself have not thought about until recently, this is why I pose the problem. Do you stay with the one you love knowing you cannot afford the hardships with her kids and yourself, or do you bow out and leave? This is a tough one, for the forties male and dating women with kids, and hopefully this could work out.


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