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Elements of A Fulfilling and Meaningful Relationship

Updated on July 23, 2019
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The Beginning of a Blossoming Romance

Falling in love and getting into a romantic relationship can be one of the many milestones in a person’s life. Often, it is easy to develop feelings and fall for someone and decide to start a relationship with that person we believe we have a connection with. The real test comes when we encounter issues that might threaten the harmony and dynamics of the relationship that we start to question whether this person is right for us or whether it will actually work out between both of you.

It is easy to fall head over heels in love, but you must be aware that it is a whole other project of sustaining and enriching the bond between you and your partner. To be able to remain fiercely in love with the person you choose as your partner will require so much more than daily expressions of love and exchange of vows at the altar. You will have to put in a conscious effort to grow the relationship and nurture it to ensure its survival. It is similar to growing an apple tree; if you want it to grow and bear fruits, you will have to make sure you give it the proper care and attention it needs.

 HEART; H- Honesty, E- Empathy, A- Action, R- Respect, and T- Trust.
HEART; H- Honesty, E- Empathy, A- Action, R- Respect, and T- Trust.

Keeping it Real in the Relationship

A relationship is formed when two individuals express their intention to be together and nurture the mutual feelings they have for one another. The common reason we enter into a relationship is because we see the potential of building a future and spending the rest of our life together with the person we so choose to be our partner. The development of a relationship is reliant on the couple to nurture the feelings they have for each other and put in the effort into keeping the romance alive.

The progression of any relationship is determined by a rhythm that is established between a couple in the relationship. Some couples find it a challenge to keep up with their partner's pace, whilst others never skip a beat and seem to function as one effortlessly. This requires time and a combination of a whole lot of other things that contribute to the recipe towards a fulfilling and meaningful relationship.

Being in Love and Staying in Love

It is not rocket science that in order for a relationship to work, the parties involved need to put in the work. Falling in love may be easy, but the effort needed to stay in love is what truly matters. Along the course of your relationship with your partner, you will discover key things about each other that will either strengthen or weaken your bond if you allow it.

We are humans naturally and we do have our own flaws and shortcomings. It all boils down to the matter of accepting the other person as who they are and focus on their strength and what makes both of you a good fit for each other. However, this thought does not apply if the other person is dismissive of your feelings and abusive towards you. This is entirely a different aspect that requires immediate attention and proper resolution.

Once you enter into a relationship, you must realize that it is no longer about you alone. You have to be considerate about each other’s needs and wants and also make sure that both of you are accountable for the direction and outcome of your relationship. You find that the world is a better place when you have your other half beside you to ride on through life’s challenges together. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you need somebody to make you happy. Instead, you choose to be happy together through each other’s conscious actions and decisions.

Relationship is a Partnership

The journey will be an eye-opener and you will learn to see each other in a different light. You see the relationship as a means to make your way through the world together as a unit. Just like the saying, ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’; both of you make decisions together and have each other’s back through good times and through bad times.

You complement one another, forming an unspoken connection that nobody else but you and your partner can comprehend. In another way, it is also like being in a partnership with another person, whereby you both do your best to make the relationship work by putting in your fair share of commitment. You both strive for growth and development in the romantic aspect as well as keeping your individuality intact.

In order to reach that kind of level in a relationship, there are a few key elements that are necessary to establish a solid foundation to a fulfilling and meaningful relationship. The key elements can be summarized as HEART; H- Honesty, E- Empathy, A- Action, R- Respect, and T- Trust.

H- Honesty


Honesty is the best policy and this piece of advice certainly should apply to every aspect of life, more so in a relationship in order for it to work. It is necessary to be open about your expectations with your partner as it helps to grow the relationship. It is healthy for a relationship when both parties have a heart-to-heart talk and express what the relationship means to them.

It is important to find a common ground that will serve as the backbone of the relationship. Honesty entails being truthful, transparent and sincere with your other half because it is the basis for a solid foundation to an enduring relationship.

E- Empathy

Showing Empathy
Showing Empathy

A relationship is formed between two person and being the human we are, feelings do come into play. When you decide to be in a relationship with someone, you establish the idea that you are willing to allow someone else into your life as the other person does the same. In order to co-exist amicably with your other half, there must be compassion and the desire to reach an understanding together regardless of the situation.

There are bound to be arguments and misunderstandings throughout the course of the relationship, but it can be sorted out if both parties are willing to meet in the middle and compromise. Since a relationship is between two people, it is important that a couple is able to communicate effectively to express themselves and resolve any issues that may arise. Staying objective during conflict resolution by practicing effective communication and compromise is a skill that can be nurtured. Arguments are not necessarily bad, but the approach is what makes the difference.

A- Action


It is only natural that in order for something to work out, we need to first put in the effort. It is important to keep in mind that love is not always a bed of roses and the notion that it will take its own course is not the right thinking. Active participation and commitment is required in a relationship in order to navigate it into the rightful and productive direction.

Commitment is when you make a conscious decision to continue putting in the effort to renew the feelings and keep things exciting between both of you even after the honeymoon period is through. Over the course of the relationship, there will definitely be ups and downs as well as exciting and dull times. However, it is up to the lovebirds to find ways around it and take the necessary measures to sustain the relationship.

R- Respect


This is an important element that needs to be given proper consideration, especially between two people that is in love and in a relationship. It is about giving due regard for the feelings, wishes, and rights of the person that you love. A healthy relationship is one with boundaries that still allows the people in the relationship to retain their individuality and personal space whilst finding a way to keep the peace and harmony between themselves.

Respect is reciprocal and is one of the building blocks that will enhance a relationship. There is no such thing as an entitlement or one person being more superior to the other in a relationship; because it is not a competition and one should not feel like they need to subject themselves to extreme acts to win their partner’s affection.

T- Trust


You never know what a person is truly like until you try living with them. Your eyes may deceive you but not the heart; hence, you take the time to really discover your partner. You must be able to feel safe in their presence and secure at the thought that they will remain loyal even when you are apart. In return, you must also display trustworthiness and stay true to your other half. Trust is earned and built through the consistency of words and actions.

Being in a relationship with someone is like having a confidant, a special someone you can share your deepest and darkest secrets with and the feeling should be reciprocal. A lasting relationship is similar to that of a friendship with an unbreakable bond between two souls that have nothing to hide from each other. Building trust takes time and is important to the survival of the relationship; it serves as a shield towards any interference or resistance that might come in between. Being able to trust your partner will give you the peace of mind and allow you to stay focused on building each other and make your relationship flourish.

Happy Ever After?

Happy Ever After
Happy Ever After

In summary, falling in love and taking the decision to start a relationship and hopefully bring it to the next level is something beautiful and magical at the same time. It is like embarking on a thrilling adventure with another person that you know will be there for you and vice versa. Love is a matter of the heart, but you should never let it make you lose your sense of self either. Bear in mind that love is a journey to be relished and not rushed.

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