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The Free Spirited Friend

Updated on September 15, 2014

Everyone loves the free spirited friend. She is fun to be with, easygoing but there is also a downfall with her. She is so fun that sometimes that fun could lead to danger. She is so positive that she is oblivious of what is wrong.

A true friend is supposed to protect you and want to see you happy. If a guy likes you but is bad news and your friend encourages you to go with him than she may not be the friend you thought she was. If you tell her about a sweet guy and she says he is shady or tells you not to go with a good guy than she does not want to see you get respected. No matter how many times she tells you she wants you to be happy, she could want to see you in trouble.

There may even come a time where you do not even want to tell her your guy stories. She gives you the wrong advice and makes you assume the wrong thing.

The free spirited friend may get you into trouble because she doesen't see the wrong in situations. She may want to go to an old abandoned building and the cops will come and you will get arrested. She may run off with a guy she just met at the club and will drag you along with her.

If you know someone like that ask yourself: Does she really have my best intrest at heart? If she really cared would she encourage me to go out with someone who is bad for me? Why does she say every guy I like is not the one for me?

The more you stay away from her, answer these questions and do some reflecting you may see that she is not the friend you thought she was. Meet new people and focus on people who won't get you in trouble and want to see you fail.

Have you ever had a friend who was trouble?

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