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The Fresh Meet Market

Updated on July 14, 2009

Fresh Meat vs. Aged Beef

At the “Meet Market” one can find anything from the leanest cuts to a nice rump at bargain prices. The upside to this kind of marketplace is if you choose to take a piece home, trim the fat, and even devour it, you can send it right back to the store from whence it came, no purging necessary (that depends on how drunk you were the night before).

In an era where it's most common to be physically srcrutinized before we open our mouths it's seems more and more difficult to find a good piece of beef these days.

It's a travesty that a majority of people have turned to social interaction and mate hunting on computer network services. One can assume it has a safer appeal since the only strings attached are the ones linking their computers.

Has the inventory thinned so much?

It’s safe to say we’re living in a sexually high-tech and high-stress age, between computer generated dating, phone sex, speed dating, and wireless sex toys. Keep a look out for Wii Sex, give it time. Like fashion trends, some are anticipating the cycle will soon lead us back to the times of fully clothed first time conversations. Most single women... oh hell all women, pine to be enthralled by a “McSteamy” of their own who can wow them with the brain between his ears first while praying that the fruit of his loin is just as juicy. Most are also hoping these breeds don’t exclusively exist in the realm of scripted fantasy either.

So let's examine the differences between prospects and why older women are choosing younger men to satiate their needs.

Fresh Meat

This is when the cougars roar! Yes, while a young stallion can act out just about anything your dirty little minds might conjure up, there is an unfortunate downside. Maturity.

Fresh meat might be juicy and plump but for the most part that's all it really is. These men are rarely looking for relatioinships, the deepest part of you they'd like to explore is more than likely your throat.

Although there are exceptions to every rule, good luck finding it!

Aged Beef

Ah, the swirled bouquet of a nice cabernet paired with a tenderly flavored Prime Roast! Mmmm.

If you're yawning, (snap, snap) refocus. This isn't Larry King old, this is George Clooney aged. This is what your mother dreams about and you never thought you'd be interested in until the litany of grievances against younger men overwhelmed you.

If you haven't heard, aged beef is prime pickin's. Yes they can be arrogant and over-sophisticated, boring and monotonous but what's a girl to do? (scratching head)


Unfortunately as high-tech as we have become, no one has attempted to invent a "Weird Science" contraption to produce the perfect man. Alright now don't stress. The advice here is to date away! Have fun trying to figure it out. That's what being single is all about.

So a shout out to all my super saver shoppers out there. Hold on to your coupons ladies, there's no need to buy meat at half price just because there's an economic recession, especially when you know darn well you deserve the best filet on the market.

If you still feel undecided then roll on to the next aisle while you marinate on it.

Maybe if we give them a run for their money and simply hold out, those young bucks can mature in the meantime, while the rest of them begin to recognize the value of whose cart they end up in. No need to hurry, supplies are not running out.


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