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The Friend Who Meddles in Your Buisness

Updated on March 7, 2016

Friends are supposed to be there for you and protect you. They are supposed to not want to see you get hurt. There comes a time however, when their caring advice can become meddling.

When a friend meddles to much into your business it could put a strain on your friendship. For instance things were going great with you and this guy when he just ended it. You felt like you had some potential so you try to get him back. It seems to be working and he finally seems to be coming around. Whenever you tell your friend the things you do for him she says "No," or "Stop doing that." She does not advise you. Instead she tells you what to do and ruins your chances of getting back together with him which in your heart is what you really want.

Another time you are out at a bar on a Saturday night with her. You see a cute guy and want to talk to him. She gets mad if you do. She stops you from socializing with other people when you go out together.

Normally people go out to mingle and meet people. If you have a friend who gets mad when you talk to other guys or other people she is holding you back.

There is open mic night at your guy's job. Both you and your friend know how much you love to sing. When you tell her you want to do it she says "No." a True friend will encourage you and say that she will come watch.

It does not matter where you are if you have a hobby you should do it. She should not be telling you to stop performing or doing something that you love. Instead she should be encouraging you and being there to support you.

You see one of your guy friend's when you are with her. He passes you by. You get up to give him a hug and say "hi." Just like you usually do. When you go back down to sit with her she says "You shouldn't always go up to say hi and hug him."

If this guy is your friend there is nothing wrong with it. If you aren't telling her how she should be with the guys that she is friends with and dates then she should not be telling you how to be with yours.

This friend has never had a boyfriend. She is going on different dates constantly. Whenever a guy asks you out and you want to go she makes a comment and discourages you from going. When a guy says that he is into you she tells you that he is lying instead of being happy for you. She never lets you be the judge of your situation. She gets involved way to much in your life when she does not always know the facts.

It's not fair that your friend is always dating but the minute a guy you like asks you out she makes a comment. If you want to go on a date you should go. Dating is about finding out who you like. It may not lead to a second date but you could still go and have a good time. You shouldn't have to sit home and listen to her stories about her dates with no stories of your own. You deserve to be dating and having someone special also.

If she is making you jump to conclusions and putting stuff in your head that is not there then she is not a friend. Every situation is different. She may not be ready for a realationship but she shouldn't be telling you that every guy you date is like her. Some people aren't ready for a relationship and some people are. That is up to you to find out and you will eventually. You have to give things a chance before assuming the worst.

Friends advise you but they do not meddle in. They only stop you from doing things when it is something very bad and dangerous. If she tries to ruin every relationship you have every had or stops you from socializing with other people when you go out with her then maybe it is time to re-evaluate your friendship.


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