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The Friend to be Cautious Of

Updated on November 18, 2013

Friends are there to protect us and care for us. They pick us up when we are down. However not all friends are good friends. Some aren't true. There are friends that you may have to be cautious for.

The Negative Friend- She always puts you down when you are excited about something. She says that she doesn't want to see you get hurt.

While she is protecting you she is also hurting you. She is holding you back from taking chances and makes you question and doubt yourself. She will lower your self-esteem.It's good to be realistic but you also have to believe and think positive as well.

The Newsreporter- You are feeling like you are on Fox5 news. Anytime someone says something she reports directly to you.

A good friend protects you but when she tells you every little bad thing that someone says about you she is hurting you. She is getting involved and she is even a worse friend if she agrees. For instance someone says you are weird because you don't stay out late. She agrees with that. Everyone is different and as a friend she should accept you no matter what. Another thing if she is smiling when reporting what someone else says she is a trouble maker. If she only has negative news to tell you she is someone you should steer clear of.

The Greedy Friend- She is only out for herself. She doesn't care who she hurts in the process. For instance you broke up with your boyfriend and that day she makes a move on him and they are now dating.

A true friend does not go out with her best friend's exes. She will not want to do anything to ruin the relationship.

The Friend Who Makes You Feel Guilty- Whenever you tell your friend something and she makes you feel like the bad one, she is a toxic friend.

You like a guy who has a girlfriend. You tell your friend because you trust her she gives you wrong for telling her even though she is the only one you told. A good friend will see how you can't control your feelings. You got a new pair of expensive shoes that you have been wanting to for so long. She makes you feel like you are a show off when you only tell her. Your in your 20's and a Virgin. She makes you feel bad about it.

Any friend who picks out your flaws is not there for you. They say they are trying to help you and you can't take constructive critic is not true. Words can scare you even if you stop being friends down the road what they say will always haunt you and it will stop you from having high self-esteem and maintaining healthy friendships in the future.

If you have a friend like any of the above be careful around that friend. Be careful what you tell that friend because they will tell you something negative or find some way to use it against you. A good friend understands your point of view and is happy when you are happy. Remember not all friends are there to protect you. They can be telling you do to ruin your day and to get you to think negative. Surround yourself with people whom you could be yourself around and love you just the way you are.

Have you ever had a friend you had to be careful what you told to?

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