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The Friendship Definition

Updated on March 27, 2017

The Friendship Definition

The definition of friendship is:

the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.

The way we choose to interact with our friends, although unstable sometimes, says a lot about who we are as people. The closeness of every friend can probably be rated on a solid scale from 1 to 10. Either way are friends are our friends no matter what the number. We will take a look at friendship, and what it means for us in this hub.

Friendship Quotes

Lets start with some friendship quotes, shall we.

  • The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.
    Hubert H. Humphrey
  • One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. Lucius Annaeus Seneca
  • Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. Helen Keller
  • A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Walter Winchell

These quotes can all sum up a friendship. Finding friends who mean as much to you as you do to them can be a rare thing, sometimes. We should all try to strive for that in all our friendships. If you can find someone who shares your passion for collecting beanie babies that are all elephants with one leg missing...then keep them.

The point is if you can find someone with the same hobbies that is a great place to start a friendship.

How does friendship start?

For all of us in life, we tend to cross paths with people for a multitude of reasons. We see the same people constantly, whether its our neighbors, people in a class we are taking, or a work associate. It doesn't take long for us to figure out if we like people, or we feel like hanging out with them. When the conversations dive into hobbies or likes and dislikes, it can all lead to solid friendship foundations.

We can all recognize things we want in life, if its the great paying job we had our eyes on, or the new flavour of ice cream at baskin robbins. "Rocky Road for your information." However, with people it can be a little more complicated, because someone who you want to be friends with, might not feel the same.

So take it in steps.

  1. When you meet someone see how the first interaction goes.
  2. If you see them more, try to start a conversation.
  3. If you get to a conversation, try to find common interest.
  4. At this point think about if you can stand to be around this person for longer then 10 minutes.
  5. Finally, see if they want to hang out.

These steps can sound easier said then done. In general, however, this is how the steps go. If these steps don't work, then there probably isn't much of a reason to keep trying. If you are patient though, well keep trying, why not? Right?

Sometimes time is the only answer. If you can't wait to make friends there are many ways you can, starting here.. Making Friends Made Easy .. Just go through the steps and see what happens.

Learning About Friendship

When you were younger, did you ever have a really close friend? For most of us that answer was yes. Whether it was a neighbor, family member, or school buddy they played a big part of who you are today, and where your foundation with friendship started.

Shaping and molding all our future friendships seems a bit far fetched, but for me and most people who really think about it, that close friend never went away. Sure they may be gone, but the foundations that you learned did not. We all became aware of inside jokes, real communication, and having someone there for you to help cope with certain situations.

Realistically, of course, most of our childhood friends are gone, with the exception of only a few. We mostly keep in touch with only a handful, whether its on facebook, or maybe someone you did keep in close contact with. Even through that, we can still remember all the fun times we had, and how we grew and learned.

At first we learned what it mean to have someone to talk to. I don't mean like your mom, I mean a stranger, someone you didn't know, but genuinely had to get to know. This stranger came into your life knowing nothing about you, and you two still managed to find something there. Its important to treat every person you meet like this, or you could miss out on great opportunities.

After we learned how to trust. Remember, those secret handshakes, secret spots, each others favorite toys or games. The things we didn't want to tell anyone else. Those came out to your friend, and no one could pry those lips apart when it came to those things. That special bond is one of a kind, leading us to learn to trust more then just our selves.

Friendship - Youth and Adult Friends

While most of us will agree it doesn't matter what age we are a friend is a friend, that is not what I mean. I mean the differences in our interactions.

Youth Friends

Youth Friends - When we were young we got friends from school or around the neighborhood. These are all good spots to make friends. We had school friends, and summer friends. The one thing we did do though, was be together. I am talking about face to face interactions. While it was easier when I was young. Now it seems like even people in the same room are stuck on there phones, communicating with friends through facebook.

I remember riding bikes, building things with our hands, and causing large amounts of trouble. These were the things that made my childhood and my memories extraordinary. Today, however, it seems like kids are so out of touch with each other that no one even notices there friends falling away.

Parents, always remember to make those memories happen, and let those friendships shine, and to go a little easy on them, they are kids.

Adult Friends

Adult Friends- Now as adults we do things a little different, no more bike rides and causing havoc in our neighborhoods, we have the world and life to contend with. Our friendships can be so deep that we would fall into a state of depression if we ever lost the other. Long lost friends, cause us to remember so much that made us happy. What do we do thats different you may ask, well its the way we make friends, as life gets more complicated, it gets harder to trust people. With an adults busy life, its hard to hold on to some relationships, and even harder to get a good one started.

We make it through our days with thoughts of work, bills, and children to take care of. It's important for us to take care in our lives who we let in. It takes way more trust to make new friends, and bring them into your life as an adult. While, it seems impossible, I assure you its not. With the amount of connection we can have online, it can take away some of that fear of what people are like, when you can scroll through there life in a matter of minutes. Adult friends are harder to come by then when you were a kid so when you get one hold on.


How many friends have you had?

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Types of friendship

While there are many types of friendship I will share just a few:

Best Friends aka bestie, aka bff: These are those friends that will never leave, the ones who will do what you want no matter what, while these aren't easy to get everyone usually gets at least one in there life. They know everything about you, including the stuff you wish no one knew.

Buddy: This is someone who does the same thing as you like a hobby or a game. This is that person you bowl with, or that person you golf with, but only do that thing with them. Like a golf buddy.

Friend with benefits: If you don't know this one, oh well, I am not telling you.

Imaginary friend: Everyone has had one of these, this is a friend that is made up by you. Usually because you don't have other friends, or because you have an awesome imagination

Pen-pal: This is a friend you communicate with only through mail, exchanges usually involve what is happening and what you have been doing, while it seems like this kind of friendship doesn't happen a lot, I assure you there are many sites dedicated to it. It is alive and well.

It doesn't matter what kind of friendship you have, if you have a friend, keep that friend.

Big Bang Theory's Friendship Algorithm


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      2 years ago

      I so love the video clip from The Big Bang Theory. What a funny spin on making friends! I've made so many friends in my life and as you wrote: sometimes you lose touch for one reason or another but the foundation remains. It is a valuable experience.


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