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The Games Singles Play Continued

Updated on November 19, 2009

Whether we agree with it or not singles do play games in relationships, it is part of human nature. These games take a variety of forms.  They range from being harmless fun to being dangerous emotional mind controlling games. Here are a few of such games.


The Fudging Game

Men and women who play this game are sometimes commitment phobic. They are afraid of rejection or, of having an intimate relationship for the fear of being let down. When you are dating somebody who plays the Fudging Game, you cannot tell whether you are genuinely dating, whether you are in courtship, or whether or not they are in love with you. Nothing is very clear. When you are asked about the relationship, you are unable to tell exactly what is happening because nothing has been clearly laid down because everything has been fudged.


Happy Families

This game is where a couple behave as though they are husband and wife. They are seen together in public. Everyone looks at them as though they are already a committed couple. There are public displays of affection. They cook, iron and do things for one another as if they were married. Yet there is no commitment. The question really that could be asked of the couple, particularly to the woman involved in such a relationship is, “if you are doing the washing, ironing, cooking and shopping, where is the ring?”


The Splitting Up Game

It is inevitable that some relationships will not work out. Some couples will end up having to part company. The Bible says that you should ‘quit you like men1 Corinthians 16:13 (KJV). So when a relationship is over, you need to be able to walk away from it in a mature or adult way. However, there is a game that couples sometimes play when a relationship disintegrates. I am OK, I am not OK. I can take it. I am holding myself together. A single person can also pretend to be really upset about the fact that they have a broken relationship, when in reality, they are happy because it was a deliverance that they needed from a person who ultimately could cause you pain and heartache.


Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette is a sensual game that singles play. The rules are extremely dangerous - dressing to tease, staying out late and body caressing. All of these things lead to a single person tempting fate. Too often a single ends up in a situation of compromise because they believe that nothing is wrong in the way they dress or the fact that they are holding hands with the partner whom they love. It is only when emotions get the better of them that they realise that they have played the game of “Russian Roulette”.


All of these games on the surface can appear to be potentially harmless but equally can have a detrimental effect on the emotions and self esteem of the person who becomes the victim of one or more of them. They therefore should be avoided


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