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The Garden of His Love

Updated on December 7, 2013

When I was just a child of three,

and I sat upon grandfather's knee,

With a gentle hand, he held my face,

then told me of a special place.

A garden there, it was so rare,

sewn by our Lord, with seeds of care.

In the richest soil, and warm sunshine,

nourished there, by Him, so kind.

He told me then, of Jesus' birth,

and of happiness, His life, great worth,

The miracles then, for all to see,

and about this teacher from Galilee,

Grandfather said, one day I'd be,

in His garden, so grand, for Him to see.

A beauty there, beyond compare,

and my soul to save, with love to share.

As time moved on, and I grew tall,

grandfather's words, in my memory,all,

His gentle seeds, in sunshine grew,

and by my hands, to share with you.

His crops, our spirits, so rich and true,

as by His guidance, we each grew,

With the sun, by day, and moon at night,

His glory revealed, by the light.


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    • chuckbl profile image

      Charlie 5 years ago from Scotland

      Nice little poem, very bubbly and happy! Thanks for sharing. :)