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The Gay 'Disease'

Updated on September 11, 2013
It must be a prank.
It must be a prank.

“Sorry, boss. I can’t come in today - I’m feeling a little gay.”

This is how the Brazilian people have been dealing with the ridiculous cure the gays bill that was recently passed by the Human Rights Committee in Brasilia last week. The supporters of the possible law are mostly religious followers of the hilarious character Marco Feliciano. The numerous memes on Facebook expose how the idea of a gay cure is unwelcome and quite frankly hilarious.

Though most find it funny people have also started to protest against it. Brazilians do everything in good humour, and Feliciano has been the butt (pun intended) of all jokes possible.

“Hey, Feliciano tell me the name of the boy who broke your heart”

“If there’s a gay cure we’ll die gay with this crappy public health”


But Feliciano is defending LGBT rights, and no one gets that. See, he is protecting the rights of gays who want to get better. That is a fundamental right. Or so he says.

“If there’s a gay cure we’ll die gay with this crappy public health.”

Love is a threat to society, apparently.
Love is a threat to society, apparently.

'Gay cure' has been debunked in the US

In June 2013 the president of the 'gay cure' ministry Exodus shut down its operations and issues an apology to everyone the institutions had hurt over the years.

He said: “Please know that I am deeply sorry. I am sorry for the pain and hurt many of you have experienced. I am sorry that some of you spent years working through the shame and guilt you felt when your attractions didn’t change.”

The 'pray the gay away' idea is directly connected to religious institutions who claim homosexuality is a sin, according to the Bible. But Christian leaders have been slowly shifting away from their archaic opinions to accept the LGBT community.

This case is quite impressive because though it was the President who apologized, he also had to convince many others in the management of the clinics that what they were doing was wrong.

Though this is great news for the LGBT community who constantly protests for rights and respect, there are many other religious groups trying to pray the gay away like the clinics run by Michelle Bachmann's husband, Marcus. He has avidly denied this but LGBT activists insist his clinics are causing pain by trying to cure homosexuality.

It is not clear whether (Fail)-liciano is a huge prank on the Brazilian LGBT community. Maybe one day he will peel off his face mask, yell out ‘PSYCH’ and reveal he is actually Meryl Streep.

Seriously, she can play anyone. And everyone loves her, so we’d all laugh it off, hug and cry because she is amazing. She’s an international treasure.

This will be Streep’s best acting role of all time. So far she has managed to be homophobic, racist and sexist and stay in a position that supposedly protects the right of people. Pushing the envelope, spitting in the face of society!

If this doesn’t win her an EGOT (an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, all at once) I don’t know what will.

With impeccable logic (Fail)-liciano explains what is causing the gay epidemic.

“When you stimulate the woman to have the same rights as men, if she wants to work her part as a mother gets cancelled out and if she isn’t a mother there is just one way - she either never marries or she has a serious relationship with another woman. They will enjoy de pleasures of a relationship and won’t have children.”

It isn’t great when your husband admits he doesn’t stimulate you or give you pleasure except for when he’s trying to get you pregnant.

I see this as a subtle way of attack to the family, when you stimulate people to liberate their instincts (???) and live with people of the same sex, you destroy the family and created a society when there are only homosexuals. This society eventually vanishes because it produces no children”

"Of course, (Fail)-liciano has to deal with a lot of discrimination for being a white male religious leader."

Do you think Marco Feliciano is a huge prank on the Brazilian people?

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After five minutes of lazy googling this reporter was not able to find out what (Fail)-liciano’s wife`s occupation is. Baby-making? Sitting? Washing and cleaning? Keeping her husband straight? Not following her inevitable lesbian instincts? If she isn’t doing any of these things it is safe to assume Feliciano himself will need to be cured from his gay-illness.

Of course, (Fail)-liciano has to deal with a lot of discrimination for being a white male religious leader.

“Evangelical people, wake up! President Dilma has met with representatives of the Catholic Church, LGBT community, sluts*, etc. What about us? NOTHING.” he tweeted. (It’s safe to assume all of these groups that met with Dilma were represented by the same person.)

Exclusion is a sad thing, Streep. And you were probably a little bit too dramatic there, but you know your methods.

How odd that people who are not prejudiced against seem desperate to be told they suck. They want to be disrespected so they can say they have learned the hard way that they are proud to be the white, male majority in the world that deserves the most rights over any other group of people.

Feliciano was met with dancing protesters when travelling. Singing and dancing to a song about a gay robot, these straight men made themselves heard.


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