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How to Have a Date Ready Tonight

Updated on August 2, 2011

Why is it so hard to meet someone special these days? I think part of the reason is that as adults, we:

1. Don’t have as much energy as we once did which keeps us from wandering into every hang out and dive where new people might be loitering, and

2. Usually have a full time job which severely cuts into the time we could spend gallivanting about (look it up) and spending all that energy on other pursuits besides growing roots in the couch, and

3.….nope it pretty much comes down to lack of energy. You remember…a body at rest tends to stay at rest and add that to Murphy’s Law (whatever can go wrong, will) and it seems pretty much the whole universe is against two compatible people ever hooking up.



Plan a Date Tonight

That being said, it’s pretty much a downright miracle when two people do find each other! The puzzle is: knowing it’s a miracle does not keep the said couple from doing everything they can to mess it up. One half of the couple, (the naughty half) begins by looking, winking and flirting with other people who wander into proximity. Should that wandering person wink back or flirt, the whole situation could proceed to the next level of sending inappropriate texts or calling with threats of blackmail to the unsuspecting spouse. People, people. Can’t you be happy with your first goody? No, after you take a bite of the goody you‘ve got, you start checking out the other goodies that appear delicious and available. A little nibble here, a little munch there and all of a sudden, the goody at home that’s free and actually wants you to nibble on it seems as if it’s just not good enough anymore.

You know, new goodies also want you to spend all your time, energy and money on them. Those resources keep dwindling every year as you age. New goodies don’t care if you’ve got a perfectly wonderful goody waiting at home, or baby goodies who want attention from the daddy goody (who’s really turning into a baddy daddy). New goodies were looking for a new goody when they first laid eyes on you, and chances are, once you start growing roots in their couch, they will start checking out new and different goodies that like to go out on Friday nights instead of watching Gunsmoke reruns.

So, instead of thinking about all the goodies you don’t have, why not focus on the goody at home with the laundry, the dirty dishes, and the squealing baby goodies who’s trying to make sure you get a nice supper on the table and a smile when you walk through the door tonight? Seriously, when’s the last time you surprised her with a flower or trinket just to let her know you were thinking about her instead of the office bimbo-er, goody? You’ve already used up valuable energy, time and effort just to make her your own personal goody. Don’t second guess yourself. There’s a reason you chose her out of all the other goodies on the table. Remember what it was like to be out there, single and alone, looking for that one special somebody? Give him or her a call right now just to let them know you are thinking about your special someone at home. Tell them you'd like to spend some alone time just talking. Even if it's hot where you live, you can take a walk around the local Wal-Mart and point out the things you'd buy if you had the money. Really look into her eyes when she's talking. Tell him you'd like to buy him the best tools/games/music equipment that money can buy. Restate what a beautiful future together that you still anticipate. Tell him/her you still appreciate those little things they do every day, like going to work to a job they can't stand (just to pay the bills), or scrubbing that floor for the 50th time when you know she'd rather be watching Dr. Phil.

Work at holding on to your miracle.


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