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The Guy Who Dissapears

Updated on December 16, 2014

Dealing with the guy who disappears is never a good thing. In fact it leads to heartbreak and anxiety.

In the dating world some girls have encountered the guy who disappears. Everything is going great and then all of a sudden he disappears. He went from calling to all the time to never at all. He will ignore you and you keep wondering what went wrong. If he is really low he will stand you up for no reason and will block you on Facebook and any Social Media site. No matter what you do to contact him, he will not answer.

You may have feelings for the guy and think when things were good. You may even replay over and over in your mind the last message that you had with him. You wonder where things get wrong. You keep guessing what went wrong and are always assuming things. You wish that you could have one more day with him. No matter what he is the guy who disappeared. He did not even give you a reason or try to work things out with you.

A guy like this is not the guy you will want to be around. Sure he may be good looking and there may be things that you like about him but you cannot trust him. He is not reliable. He is only out for himself and if he does not get what he wants he will leave. That is how he handle things.

A guy who does that is immature and mean. A nice guy will be there through thick and thin. He will stand by your side no matter what happens. That is the guy that you should be around.

A guy who cares about you and wants a relationship with you, will work things out. Relationships are all about communication. Many people think it is about sex but it is about trust, love and communication. If you have none of those in a relationship than all your relationship is build on is lust.

If you are in a relationship built on fear get out now. Get out while it is early or you still can. When someone cares about you they do not make you feel that you will walk on eggshells with them around.

A guy who disappears cannot be trusted. If he did it once, he will do it again. You will never know when or why he will disappear. The thing is he will not even tell you what is wrong. Everything will be fine. He will act like everything is fine and then all of a sudden he is nowhere to be found. You are left in the dark, heartbroken.

In a good relationship both people get their feelings out. They talk about what they want and how they could get through whatever the problem is. They find a solution so both of them could be together.

Relationships are not a one way street. One person does not make all the decisions or just walk away if they do not get what they want. They find a way to make it work and make the person they are with feel as if they are important. They show the other person how much they mean and how they will be by their side. That is what true love is. Fighting to be with that person.

Don't make the mistake of falling back into this guys arms. He will think that he is in control and he could leave anytime he wants. Sure everyone makes mistakes but guys who disappear for no reason or for something small cannot be trusted. A guy who is there when you need him the most and sticks by your side that is the guy you could trust.

You deserve a guy who will put you first. When someone loves you, you know it. You know it by their actions. There are good guys out there. They may be hard to find but they do exist. Start looking for the right one and get away from the wrong one. You want a guy who will be there all the time and not just when things are good.


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