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The Ideal Guy

Updated on August 1, 2016

The Gentleman

He might be old fashioned and conservative but he is very romantic. If you want to be treated like a princess then he is your ideal man. He will open doors for you, carry your bag and always treat you first before anything else. Remember, A real gentleman doesn't ask for anything return because what they do comes out from the goodness of their heart.

The Flower Boy

Be ready to fall in love with this cute and handsome guy. You will have a hard time getting angry with him because he uses his puppy eyes as an escape. Whenever he smiles, your day suddenly gets better. He might be childish but his love for you is very pure and sincere. With him, you will always feel like your experiencing love for the very first time.

The Rebel

Are you looking for some adventure, fun and excitement? He can show you the different sides of life. Every time your with him, it feels like a party that you don't want to end. If you are brave enough to take risk to find the answers to your curiosity, be with him and he can let you see the world through his eyes. Be careful on choosing the risk to take because you might end up in going downhill. He is like a wild animal, if you can tame him then your lucky but if you can't you'll end up getting hurt.

The Mysterious Guy

There is just something about him that attracts you but you can't explain it. He is an introvert and he doesn't talk that much. And because of that he is very interesting, you just want to know everything about him. He makes you feel very special because he is only vulnerable to you. When he looks at you, you suddenly feel a connection between the two of you.

The Artist

His creative mind can create a billion things you've never thought about. His way of thinking is very different from yours but every time you see his burning passion for art , it satisfies your soul. Your conversations with him is very enjoyable because he doesn't think basic stuff. He is simple yet very complex and that's what you love about him.

Getting the man of your dreams


Do not compare yourself to other girls because you are beautiful in your own way . Remember, confidence is very sexy .You know you can get his attention , believe in your own capability. Always think positive and show him the reason why you deserve his love and affection.

Be cheerful

Make him feel happy and comfortable with your smile. Do not be always grumpy because you look bad when your having that kind of expression. Funny people will make you fall in love unexpectedly. That's why a little bit sense of humor can help.

Just be you

You don't need to pretend what you are not because in the long run your true colors will somehow show up. Never copy another person's personality just to make him fall for you. Just be genuine and sincere with your actions so the person that you like can feel your love.

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