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Bizarre Crushes

Updated on July 29, 2016

Funny And Sad Experiences About Having A Crush

  • I have a crush on this anime character named Kakashi that I made a fantasy in my head that he is my boyfriend and I always boast about him to my friends.-Ellie
  • In sixth grade, I knew my friend had a crush on the same guy that I did but I didn't really care because I knew that it would show that I liked him if I did care. Anyways, she was flirting with him or something then she came over to me and said, "Joseph wants to go out with you." So, I pretended to think for a while and then I said, "Yes." And then she went to go over there to tell him but then one of his friends came over and said that Joseph didn't want to go out with me and that was probably the worst feeling in the world! Man, I was so embarrassed and now everyone knew I liked him! Lol I don't think I wanted to be her friend after that.-nevergrace
  • I really like this guy before, even though he was ugly , he was charismatic and funny . While I was walking around the court , he was telling his friend that he doesn't like me. -Helen
  • I had a huge crush on Troye Sivan and I was so into him. Then after some research, he was actually gay and my fantasy was shattered. -Paloma
  • This was like a week ago :) I was sitting next to the (literally) hottest kid in our school. He looks a lot like a younger Drew Roy :) anyway of course me being the theatre and music nerd i am (i even look the part, i've got curly red hair a million freckles and i was wearing bright light blue short-overalls with orange tights and a white shirt) i was freaking out. Thinking, "Oh my gosh it's him. It's Liam..." and i was so frazzled that when i stood up i dropped all of my sheet music over the floor. He laughed but said something like, "Oh here i'll get it." I bent down to grab the stuff and so did he. His nose collided with my forehead and he started bleeding. I don't remember anything after that except waking up like a minute later on the floor and everyone standing over me laughing. Apparently i broke his nose and fainted at the sight of his blood...good going Prim...-anonymous

Bizzare, Weird or Ugly Crushes


I've had a huge crush on Quasimodo for about year now. I find him absolutely beautiful and I simply cannot get him out of my head. My friends write and imagines for me about what it would be like if he and I were actually dating and in love, and we have been included as a couple in several of my friend's fan fictions. I dream of finding a Quasimodo and having my own love story with him.


Always had a crush on Jafar.

Nicholas Cage

I've always had a crush on him, since "Moonstruck." Love his quirkiness.

Ed Sheeran

He is talented, he is not basic and he is very sweet.

Jack Black

He's got personality for days, and is probably one of the better cuddlers out there.

Matt Smith

There's something about Smith's presence that brings to mind Katy Perry's "E.T." song, and that's not a bad thing. Perhaps it's the whole no-eyebrows look.

Olive Oyl

In my adolescent years and even beyond, I had a crush on the Famous Studios version of Olive Oyl.


He is very sweet, caring and nice.

-Researched from different sites-

Love is not all about appearance or looks. You should accept a person's imperfections and You should love his/her personality. Beauty doesn't last forever so you should find someone you are compatible with till you grow old. Don't be shallow , look deep within and you will see the most precious gift he/she has.

Does appearance matter in terms of love?

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