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The Ins And Outs Of Love

Updated on June 30, 2011

I Think About Love

Before my day even starts love is on my mind

It fills my every thought

Pure pleasure in every bite

No need to want when you have something so unique

I feel like a love ranger that keeps on getting more surprises than he ever realized

Each adventure is more powerful than the one before

No need to say it is special because it always is in a world of its own

Where fun and excitment travel through like a underground spring only to pop up at anytime

Being In Love

When someone treats you the way you want to be treated

Without you asking or even giving it a thought

You instantly feel good on a sad day

You have been supported for all your effort when the rest of the world doesn't know

You look forward to the next chance to meet

So you can talk and feel invincible once again

You can reflect on so many good times that all the other times seem to be washed away by a heavy rain

The sun is always shining even if all you can see are clouds in the sky

People think your crazy

You just say why ?

Because I think about the things that make me feel good and I can't wait to make someone else feel the way I do

You are so eager to practice it daily

There is never a time that I don't feel the way I feel now

Feeling The Love

Over and over again you prove your point

It is better to be loved once than never to have experienced love at all

When someone holds you closer than close

The air that they breathe becomes the same air that you so graciously share

Seeing what happens each day

Starting out with wonderful and working your way up

Appreciated for just being alive and well

Always ready to give a helping hand

When two different people become connected they form a flower chain to the heavens

Where the beauty never stops

Each day is different and each special flower lets you know its incredible beauty

Never hidden or mistaken

For this love is real to touch to hold

It wraps around you like a dry towel coming out of the shower

It comforts you when it is most needed

It touches every part of you that no one else sees

When you walk away here today

You will be satisfied with all the wonders of life

Each new day will bring on new challanges and more energy to do more

Let the love go

It will be the best thing you have ever seen

For it can fill every empty cup to the brim

With laughter and wonderful thoughts

Why not want more ?

It is never ending and gives you everything you have ever hoped for

Life can be so hard and sometimes it seems impossible to find the right balance

With love on your side you have the greatest advantage

Of making everything you value and truely desire

Not a wish but a time that you can feel, see, write, talk about endlessly

That is love in its entirety


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      misshill May I offer you the door to my world.Where you imagination is the key that opens life up to each and every opportunity.Thanx so much for reading and taking the time to tell me how you feel.

    • misshill profile image

      misshill 5 years ago from United States

      Nice poem and enjoyable reading on love.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      Aeriel_ALN Your love grows stronger every minute.I know how you feel.You have a gift that doesn't have to be wrapped and saved.You can share it freely to make other loves surface.May God bless your wonderful love.Thanx for being so special and sharing your personal love. That know matter how crazy our lives get Love is always first on my things to do list.Don't forget to see the sparkle in his eye when things get rough and you want to cry.Because he will be by your side holding your hand and making sure life is always Grand.

    • Aeriel_ALN profile image

      Aeriel_ALN 6 years ago from Lindenwood University

      I am so glad and privileged to be the first one to comment here! This poem is beautiful DREAM ON and so well written. It truly captures the feelings, emotions, and affects of true, pure, honest, and real love. Thank you for the wonderful reminder of the love that I am so blessed with with Josh. Beautiful!