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The Key To Getting Your Ex Back

Updated on December 28, 2016

It's all about projection

Showing that you have the drive and the ambition to become rich and to aspire for greatness is actually enough to satisfy a lovemap component that is apparently hinged on material goods. While it is true that your ex might be attracted to men who are rich by themselves, she should also be attracted to men who aspire to be rich and who show that they have the capacity and tenacity to become rich.

Therefore, while it is not always possible to become wealthy yourself, it is definitely possible to have a strong ambition to become wealthy or otherwise rich in material goods. In your ex-girlfriend’s subconscious criteria, there is no difference between these two. In fact, the ambition is the only quality that you really need o have here and this has been proven before in studies based on dating sites wherein it was shown that women are attracted to men who have lofty, concrete goals in life – especially for the future.

Don't lose yourself

Projecting Confidence

Your attitude is what really counts

Getting your ex to get back together with you doesn’t have to be such an insurmountable task, but first, you need to make sure that you actually know what you’re doing and that you are prepared to make some compromise in your quest to get back together with the one you love.

The mistake that men make

One mistake that many men make when they want to try to get back together with their ex-girlfriend is that they believe that they need to be rich in either possessions or liquid assets in order to impress their ex and get her back. If you are still stuck in this kind of thinking because you think that being rich is one of the key components of your ex’s lovemap, then you need to stop right now and try to understand what the driving force behind your ex’s lovemap specifications really is. Basically, you do not need to be very rich nor have a whole lot of material possessions in your favor even if your ex-girflriend apparently likes rich men.

It's not about what you have, but your attitude

Whether you are actually wealthy or not therefore, is actually immaterial. You don’t need a mansion, a supercar, or a yacht in order to impress your ex and satisfy her lovemap component for rich men – you just need to show that you have the ability to become the rich man that she so desires.

So what kind of qualities would show her that you can become as affluent as she likes her men to be? Well, you need to be intelligent enough to achieve this end, ambitious enough to actually aspire to be rich and persistent enough to reach your goals. Having these three qualities can make you look very attractive in the eyes of a woman who apparently has a thing for rich men. This is because wealthy and successful individuals generally possess these very same qualities and the mind automatically associates these qualities with being rich and successful. Therefore, you have to project these qualities and make sure that your ex notices that you actually do have them – this is something that you have to inculcate into your own personality as a part of who you really are and it is not something that you can just fake.

For example, if your ex wanted a strong guy instead of a rich one, you have to understand that it’s not really physical strength that she is looking for, but she wants to find a man who is strong enough to make her feel secure and who can protect her whenever she feels threatened. Therefore, all you have to do is project the image of strength instead of being actually physically strong. This can be done with the way that you walk – having a straight back with a confident posture shows that you are a confident individual – which is always associated more with strength than with weakness.


Finally, keep in mind that women generally do not dump a man for another man, but for one lifestyle in favor of another. In short, she sought a kind of lifestyle that she did not believe you would be able to give her. You need to prove her wrong if you want her back.


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